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Parents night hosted at Pelican Rapids football opener August 29

Parents were in the spotlight prior to the August 29 football opener in Pelican Rapids, but the Perham Yellowjackets spoiled the evening–-upending the Vikings on their home field, 36-21

"Back to School" section appears in August 27 Pelican Rapids Press

Look for the "BACK TO SCHOOL" special edition in the August 27
issue of the PELICAN RAPIDS PRESS print edition!

Featuring: Artist renditions of what the school will look like, published for the first time––including computer graphics of the new gym and new auditorium.
Also: Fall sports previews, columns from Pelican school administrators, messages from greater Pelican Rapids area businesses and merchants.

Lost mother-daughter hikers found–thanks  to cell phone tracking

A lost pair of mother-daughter hikers were lost–but found–at Maplewood State Park last week.
The pair had been hiking August 19 and lost track of where they were, according to the Otter Tail County Sheriff’s Department. Soon, it became dark and they became disoriented and were in need of assistance.
“We’re thankful to report that they were returned safe and sound after a four-hour hike,” said DNR Park Manager Don DelGreco. “We were able to narrow our search with the help of cell phone coverage.”
DelGreco and Otter Tail deputies were able to locate the 45 year old woman and her daughter  within about three hours. The pair was located about 10 p.m., at the southernmost edge of the park.  Neither sustained injuries, and they were returned to their campsite, according to the sheriff’s department report.
“Other than being a little wet and a little concerned about the darkness, they were fine,” said DelGreco.

Despite rainy start,  state park on pace for strong year

Native prairie grasses, followed quickly by the autumn color season, promise great viewing and photography opportunities at Maplewood State Park.
And nature’s artistry is projected to result in another banner year for park visitation, according to DNR park manager Don DelGreco.
“Our reservations are filled for Labor Day weekend, but we still have some first-come-first served campsites,” said DelGreco, who was gearing up for the three-day Labor Day weekend earlier this week. “If we end up with a beautiful fall and leaf season, we’re on pace for storing numbers again...and a really good year.”
Attendance and visitation “continued to swell...despite all the rain, especially early in the season,” noted DelGeco.
Prairie grasses will be coming into color in the upcoming weeks–which is quickly followed by fall season leaf color.
“The prairie and Indian grasses are very prolific, tall and lush–some standing four to six feet tall,” said DelGreco, regarding the park’s prairie restoration sites. “The next couple weekends will be the best time of the year for viewing prairie grasses.”  read entire story. . . .

Help name new school facilities...

This is the public’s chance to have a bit of ownership in the new Pelican Rapids school facilities.
Suggestions for naming the various components of the new and renovated parts of the school are being sought by activities director and assistant principal Derrick Nelson.
The concept has already been put in action, with the naming of the entire new athletic complex after longtime Pelican Rapids educator, coach and athletic director Al Siegle.  The “Al Siegle Activity Center” will be basically everything south of the existing gym.
 read entire story. . . .


At the time, Jeff Lindberg thought little more than breaking away from school...Two decades later he’s breaking brick and setting the stage for  rejuvenation of Pelican Rapids High School

As a disinterested student in his days at Pelican Rapids High School, Jeff Lindberg–in his wildest dreams–could only imagine administering blows against the education empire.
“I was a kid who didn’t like school...graduation was like a dream come true,” said Lindberg, Class of 1993, part of the Kilby Construction wrecking crew that began demolishing the old Fine Arts Auditorium.
Two decades since graduation, he was destroying his alma mater.
“Now, I’m wrecking the school I always wanted to break out of,” chuckled the Army veteran, who worked as a mechanic on tanks and troop transport rigs during his dozen years with Uncle Sam.  read entire story. . . .

It was showtime...with crowds sharing memories as old auditorium crumbled

Greatest show in town ‘brought the house down’
Bite by bite; brick by brick–memories came tumbling down as the demolition crew went to work on the 1928-constructed Pelican Rapids High School Fine Arts Auditorium.
The immense crane was fitted with a clam bucket that nibbled away at the brick and mortor of the old auditorium–which will be replaced by a state-of-the-art performance center.
“I remember running down the outside  stairs for a fire drill during music class,” recalled Lisa Petznick, a Pelican graduate and math teacher at her alma mater. The fire escape stairway on the exterior was the first victim of the wrecking crew, as they ripped down the steel frame of the stairs before attacking the brick.
“We watched the homecoming parade through the windows on the top floor,” remembered Kathy Knutson-Olson, a retired Pelican teacher.
Pelican band director Sean Fitzsimmons recalled two decades worth of performances–which mathematically comes to at least 100 concerts in the old auditorium.  read entire story. . . .