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Hotel proposal would revive Dunvilla tradition

Planned 32-unit AmericInn-affiliated facility planned near ‘Barn at Dunvilla’

It’s been more than a century since the first “tourist cabin” was built near the north end of Lake Lizzie.
A plan to build a 32 unit, AmericInn-affiliated hotel will revive the Dunvilla lodging and hospitality tradition dating  back to about 1908.
Presenting the proposal at an Oct. 6 Dunn Township public hearing were John and Linda (Miller) Grefsrud, both with deep ties to the Lake Lizzie area, greater Pelican Rapids, and the Dunvilla Lodge era.
The Grefsrud and Miller families are also involved in the re-development of the old Dunn barn as the “Barn at Dunvilla,” as well as the neighboring retail gift store.  read entire story. . . .

Sled club marks 25th year with bridge donation  year

Snowmobile history and trivia were on the agenda when the Pelican Rapids-based “Lake Runners Snowmobile Club” observed its quarter-century birthday recently.
First snowmobile manufactured? 1935.
Oldest snowmobile owned by a Lake Runners member?  A 1958 Trailmaker, owned by Fred Johnson.
How many snowmobile brand names have there been?  Nearly 200, over six decades–including long-gone names like Scorpion to Chaparral to Brute to Rupp.  Sears, Montgomery Ward and other large retailers also sold sleds with their labels.
How many snowmobile manufacturers remain?  Four: SkiDoo, Yamaha; and two Minnesota companies, Arctic Cat and Polaris.  read entire story. . . .

Storage businesses in commercial zones discussed by Pelican Rapids City Council

Should commercial storage rental be allowed in prime business parcels?
This was a question the Pelican Rapids City Council discussed at some length recently. The matter was ultimately sent back to the city’s planning and zoning commission for further review.  
The discussion revolved around an ordinance ammendment, which in effect would place tighter control over commercial storage-related businesses.
City administrator Don Solga questioned whether commercial storage is the wisest and best use of desireable commercial lots–in areas where conventional retail, for example, would be more appropriate.  The issue further raises questionS whether pole barn construction is appropriate in visible commercial districts.  read entire story. . . .

Golf Course Road project comes in well under budget

Five scattered city road and parking lot projects were completed under budget.
Original estimates for the combined projects totalled $425,784 in costs to the city; but completion has brought the city’s portion down to $410,500–for a savings of $15,000.
The Pelican Rapids City Council reviewed the projects and costs with Apex Engineering representative Bob Schliemann, at the Sept. 30 meeting.
The biggest savings came on the golf course road, which is running about $8,000 below estimates. This will be welcome relief for taxpayers, since there are only a few property owners on the assessment list to share the cost. Property owner share of the Golf Course Road cost was originally projected at $18,920; but that has been revised downward to about $13,700. The city will pay for $20,610 of the estimated $34,350 cost. The golf course project was originally estimated at $47,300, so the construction costs came in $13,000 below projections.
Other projects enjoyed less savings. The First St. SE project, which included extensive sewer, water, curb, gutter and street upgrades, came in almost even with original estimates–at $282,370. The school district will be assessed nearly $90,000 for the job.  read entire story. . . .

Pelican Masons turn 100

Public invited to celebrate Masonic history, tradition at special meeting Oct. 22 at Pelican Public Library

The longest-serving civic institution in the history of Pelican Rapids will be observing its 100th birthday this month.
Otter Tail Lodge number 284, has existed in Pelican Rapids since 1914. It’s quarters are above the Pelican Rapids Pool Hall.  The public is invited to a Centennial observance and informational meeting at the Pelican Rapids Public Library Oct. 22, 7 p.m.
The cloak of mystery, mystique and secrecy that has been associated with the Masons for centuries is for the most part a fallacy, said current Master Richard Gabe, who is leading the approximate 36-member Lodge during its Centennial year of 2014.  read entire story. . . .

City liquor store profits sealed  deal in school’s purchase of  old apartments

PHOTO: The apartment buildling on the Pelican Rapids High School campus, as demolition began late last summer.  The city helped facilitate the purchase of the property for the school.  

Proceeds from profits at the Pelican Rapids city-operated liquor store were invested in a project that both cleared the way for a new school auditorium–and cleaned up an unsightly property.
The municipal-run “Pelican Liquors” retail store has generated record profits, since construction was completed at the new location on Highway 59.  Through August 2014 profits were nearly $4,000 above year-to-date in 2013.
Following an unusual collaboration between the Pelican school district and the city, the school was finally able to close a deal on the uninhabited apartment complex on the northeast corner of the high school campus.
School negotiators had reportedly reached an impasse with the owner of the structure, Roger Schleske.
 read entire story. . . .

Halloween pranksters arrived early  at senior center doorstep

Halloween pranksters went to work early this season, smashing a pumpkin at the Pelican Rapids Senior Citizens Center overnight on Oct. 2.
Pictured, with the messy aftermath, are kitchen supervisor Kathy Sundby, left, and club volunteers Bob and Mimi Uhrig.
The pumpkin was donated to the club by local gardener Rodney Zentz.  
Sundby made a sign–scolding the culprits.