I reluctantly voted for Donald Trump, a controversial candidate, in 2016 because the Democrats didn’t offer a candidate I could support. 

President Trump has worked hard to keep his campaign promises in spite of how aggressively his political opponents have fought his efforts, maligned him, and tried to take control by means of an impeachment farce. I stand by my vote.

Our economy was setting records, unemployment was at a record low and businesses were returning to the U.S. The news is no longer filled with ISIS and North Korean threats. Trump brought about prison reform, VA reform for our veterans, is working to control the flood of illegal immigrants, and ending child trafficking. America’s future looked bright with promises of more to come. Then came 2020.

We are experiencing an historic, life-altering pandemic. So-called racial protests and riots go unhindered in our Democratic-controlled cities bringing destruction and devastation to businesses and lives. Our historical statues were being destroyed without public input. History books are being rewritten to better fit the socialist and new racial agenda being pushed into our nation’s schools and society. Sexual identity isn’t just male and female anymore. Freedom of speech, Christianity, and the right to bear arms are all under attack, unborn human babies are considered disposable, and the Constitution and our country’s founders are called racist. Black Lives Matter is demanding that cities defund the police. We must be politically correct and are restricted in what we can say and believe and, if we don’t comply, we are threatened and can even be fired from our jobs. We are told that, if we are white and of European descent, we should be ashamed of our skin color and our heritage because we are the problem. Multicultural political identity groups with their radical agendas are using lawlessness and bullying to threaten us and demand that we bow to them. 

I am upset that these groups are not reprimanded for their lawlessness and disgraceful behavior but instead are supported and encouraged by Democratic leaders and the Democratic party platform.

The best presidential candidate the Democratic party has to offer is a man whose cognitive abilities are declining. The presidency of the United States, one of the most powerful offices in the world, needs someone who is mentally and physically able to handle the strenuous demands of the job. We, the people, deserve nothing less.

This election is not about candidate personalities. It is about preserving our American way of life and our constitutional rights under which this country was founded. I want our children and grandchildren to have the same freedoms and opportunities that I have been fortunate to experience. We can choose to protect the America we know and love or allow socialism and radical multicultural agendas to take over through the Democratic party. 

I am voting for Donald J. Trump to preserve our great American way of life. Your vote will determine the course of this nation. 

Linda Wright