A young visitor to Pelican Rapids exercised her right of free speech and expression, when she marched into the Pelican Rapids Press office with a handwritten letter to the editor.

She handed it over and asked that it be published in the local paper. 

We were delighted to receive this editorial comment, from Taya Nicholls, who visits family in the Pelican Rapids area every summer.  

She is not alone among folks who are sad about the prospect of losing the Pelican Rapids city dam.  

We didn’t get her age or family connections to the Pelican lakes area, but based on her letter–she appears to be a smart, thoughtful youngster in the early elementary school grades.  

We’ll let Taya explain her position on the issue. 

Pictured here, a reproduction of the hand-written letter she submitted to the Press.  It was also intended for the Pelican City Council. 

Thanks to Taya for making her viewpoints known. 

As for the Pelican Rapids Press, it is no secret that we have supported the removal of the dam.  But–we are happy to allow space for other viewpoints in our pages—including those of our youngest visitors, or residents.  

Thanks Taya…

Louis Hoglund, Managing Editor

Taya Nicholls, at 10 years old and going into the fifth grade, fired off a letter to the editor to the Pelican Rapids Press recently.

She is the granddaughter of Wayne and Melanie Runningen, Pelican Rapids.  She attends school at Charles Haskell Elementary in Edmond, Oklahoma.  

Grandpa Wayne said Taya came up with the letter on her own, after learning about the dam removal proposal, and seeing an artist’s rendition of what the site might look like without a dam.