One of the greatest joys in life is having enough decades behind one to see children mature to adulthood. 

Early in 2020, I had a cup of coffee with Jordan Rasmusson, whom I first met when he was a 6th grader, and I was coordinating a trip for his Boy Scout Troop to visit the: St. Capitol, Historical Society, St. Paul Cathedral and Science Museum. When conversing with Jordan, we talked about why he was running for the Minnesota House of Representatives. I was impressed with his informed discernment, inquiring and observational mind and with the impact of his deep roots in Otter Tail County.

Jordan recalled: the trip to the State Capitol and his youthful introduction to business – working at the kitchen table as he helped with financial records for the small business his parents started. Jordan also talked about his experience advising CEOs of some of America’s largest companies and being a part of billion-dollar negotiations. First-hand experience with small business and his leadership at larger organizations makes Jordan uniquely suited for the challenges we face. 

Minnesota is facing one of the largest budget deficits in state history, and we need to get our economy back on track after the impacts of COVID-19. 

Jordan’s unique experiences have not gone unnoticed in his campaign for the Minnesota House. 

State government is important business. One needs to understand that arena to know where the levers are to control its size, efficiency, and customer/citizen impact. State government leaders who understand economies are grown through enabling entrepreneurial endeavors and value-added production, grounded in farming, manufacturing, and mining are best positioned to carry the voice of the citizen customer to the State Capital and into the policy deliberations that will shape the opportunities that Minnesotans in Otter Tail County and across the state will experience. Jordan has that understanding. 

The 6th grader is now a man, with experience and insight, who is ready to represent us and to lead Minnesota well. 

Lois E. Josefson

Fergus Falls, MN