Scambler church vandalized by gunfire in 1944

By Brenda Brand, Columnist

100 years ago   June 12, 1919

• Attention, soldiers, sailors and marines

All soldiers, sailors and marines of the World War that live in Pelican Rapids and vicinity are requested to meet at the town hall Monday night, June 16 at 8 o’clock for the purpose of organizing a local post of the American Legion. At least fifteen men must be present in order to organize and every one interested is urged to attend. This is very important.

• Sunday School convention

The county Sunday School convention which was held here Thursday evening and all day Friday including the evening, was a very interesting convention. There were not as many in attendance as was expected, owing, no doubt, to the rainy weather and muddy roads, but those who did attend pronounced it to be a great success.

There were several very fine speakers present, including Dr. Zentz, Rev. Ferry, Rev. Riedel and Rev. Wilcox of Fergus Falls and L.W. Diederich, one of the state Sunday School officials. These men gave some splendid addresses, which were well worth hearing.

The officers elected for the ensuing year are as follows: E.M. Townsend, President; Dr. Burnap, assistant President, Miss Maud Shaw, Secretary, J.D. Linquist, Treasurer.

It was voted to hold the next county convention in the early part of June next year instead of in the fall as heretofore.

75 years ago June 15, 1944

• Child of Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Nelson takes a Stroll

On Friday of last week, in Norwegian Grove,  little Crysatlline Nelson, four-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Nelson, with true Viking spirit, set out to explore the world. The Nelsons recently moved to their newly purchased farm formerly owned by Iver Klovstad. Crystalline was missed by her mother about 2:30 but was believed to be visiting at the Julius Klovstad home as was customary. About 5:30 it was learned that the little lady was actually missing. At about this time also, Crystalline made her appearance at the home of her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Bennie Sillerud, a place a good five miles distant. She had taken coat and purse when she left but evidently tired of carrying the purse as she had discarded that along the road. As they realized the plight of the mother, the Silleruds immediately took Crystalline to her home and found kind neighbors assisting in the search of the weary traveller.

The ordeal was far from pleasant for Mrs. Nelson but she thus learned the hiking capabilities of a wee four-year-old.

• Damage of church

According to Mrs. John Wick, President of the Union Ladies’ Aid, considerable damage has been done to the Scambler Union church by some party or parties carrying .22 rifles. It doesn’t seem possible that anyone would willfully and deliberately destroy church property, but they have, as one doesn’t accidentally shoot through windows three or four times.

Needless to say, anyone caught molesting the church property will be punished according to law. Furthermore, the party who shot thru the windows need not think no one saw him, and if he is half as sporty as he was when he did the deed, he will repair all the damages or pay the Ladies’ Aid to make the needed repairs.

It would be wise for all parents who have boys who tote rifles to sort of investigate and find out what they are using their ammunition for.

50 years ago June 12, 1969

• Farnam buys Park Region Tire Center

Duane Farnam is the new owner of the Park Region Co-op Oil Company Tire Service Store. He will be taking over the operation of the business this month.

The tire store is being renamed Farnam Tire Center. 

Farnam also owns Eastside Auto Sales and a truck line which serves the Farmers Co-op Creamery here in addition to over-the-road trucking.

25 years ago June 15, 1994

• Library worm races coming June 29

Race contestants advised to look for worms with aggressive attitudes.

Advice to worm racers from a seasoned veteran: look for a worm with an aggressive attitude! 

Not reluctant to give up some of his trade secrets, Lee Brenna took time out from his busy worm vending duties recently to offer advice to those participating in the Pelican Rapids Library Midwestern Classic worm races set for later this month.

Determining aggression can be complicated, however, since a worm’s normal tendency is toward non-violence. Brenna says that any worm not actively seeking to crawl back into its earthy habitat can probably be classified as aggressive.

“Look for a healthy, shiny appearance in a worm,” Brenna says, “this is probably one of the most important features.”

“When you open the lid of a can of worms and the smell sort of sets you back on your heels, you probably aren’t dealing with your throughbred racing worms,” he continued. “The same can be said for the mushy ones, the ones that kind of squish when you try to pick them up.”

Brenna, drawing more deeply into his well of expertise, also advises against cutting worms in half in hopes of increasing their speed.

“They’ll go faster, all right, but will only move in circles,” he adds.

Once you have found the right worm – healthy appearance, good muscle tone, aggressive – the next step is to determine which is front and which is rear.

“A lot of races are lost when contestants place their worms on the track going the wrong direction,” Brenna noted, launching into a lengthy description of methods to determine head from tail. Unfortunately, his high-tech procedure was not suitable for publication in a family newspaper.

For those seeking more information, contact Brenna personally at Brenna’s Sport Shop in Pelican Rapids prior to race time.

Teams of two children enrolled in the “Go Wild for Libraries” summer reading program are invited to pre-register for the race by Friday, June 24.