You know, it used to be a privilege in the United States to vote. Your employer is required to give you some time off to vote. 

Whether it snowed, rained, or whatever, citizens would find a way to vote. People were proud that as a citizen they participated in helping to elect whomever they wanted. 

Over the course of time something changed. 

Some people decided that anybody can vote. 

Some people want 16 yr. old kids to vote. 

Well, OK, just hold a popular concert and have ballot boxes at the concert. Some people felt it was wrong if you were a felon that you should lose that privilege even though it says you must earn back the trust to be able to vote. Somewhere along the way some do-gooders decided if you were not a citizen you should be able to vote. 


Never mind the constitution. Laws do not matter. And if it’s raining and snowing you should not have to go into a voting location because it is hard to do. Oh my goodness! Just call your vote in because you are just too lazy, or just vote by mail. Oh, you don’t understand the instructions on the ballot? Have your neighbor fill it out for you. We trust you. Yea, right? 

What is happening to our country? 

Whether you are a Republican or a Democrat, take some pride and get out and vote. We decided to vote absentee because we did not know if we would be present on election day so we voted several weeks ago at the Otter Tail County Courthouse. Also, say “Hi” to your neighbors and feel good about our country again. If your side wins or loses at least feel good that you personally participated in our American system of voting. 

In addition, no judge, Republican or Democrat, should be allowed to delay a Federal election for any reason.

Cary Johnson

Pelican Rapids