Opinion, regarding Ivan Olson Protest in Pelican Rapids.

I am sick of these protests. And sick of the accusations. I say all of the businesses that closed their doors in fear of being innocently vandalized and caught up in this entitlement temper tantrum, should send Mr. Olson (Pelican demonstration organizer) the bill for their losses for the day.

I am sure Mr. Olson figured his intentions were somehow noble. The fact is this current movement is nothing about being noble. It is bought and paid for, there is a sinister political agenda behind it. We have seen the (George) Soros buses and bricks in Fargo, and they can easily show up in Pelican Rapids, and cause great damage, simply ignited by noble intentions. Protesting racial injustice in Fargo or Pelican Rapids makes as much sense as going to the Sierra desert and protesting blizzards.

As for white privilege, this is absolute made-up bologna. I was raised in an all white North Dakota town.

I attended all white “Public Schools.”

I have worked hard my whole life in an almost all white work environment.

So how in the world did the color of my skin help me? NADA!!

It did nothing for me, I got where I am by the Grace of God, hard work, and long hours. Life isn’t fair, stop believing it is, there will always be someone simply born beautiful or stronger or taller. Get a grip and deal with it. Simple; regardless of your skin color or race, do the best with what God gave you and stop whining about what you weren’t given.

Go to a church and worship a higher being, not a politician.

Don’t do drugs, stay out of trouble, respect others, get a job, work hard, get a paycheck, live the American dream!

NO ONE is stopping you, but YOU, and your own ambition.

Bill Cullen