I am responding to the several letters in the Pelican Press regarding the Pelican Rapids Public Library.  Pelican Rapids is a diverse community…with the possibility of a progressive future due to this diversity.

Patrons that visit and shop here continue to comment favorably about this small community…one of them being the availability of our library.

As I recall, when the library was first established, there were limited hours it was open and available due in part by limited funding.  Looking back at those years, Pelican had several businesses and store fronts that are no longer here.  There was a period of time that the enrollment in the schools was diminishing.  Products no longer provided within this community caused residents to shop and work out of town…and, now online.

Cutting the hours that the library would be open because of current opinions as to the “unsustainable funding” would be another huge loss to the community.  To quote Ms. Jenness from her Letter-to-the-Editor, “There is nothing unsustainable about a community supporting its library, even above and beyond the level required by the state.”

I believe the members of the City Council have heard us and will respond favorably to figure a solution to continue funding for our library.


Joyce Valley