Familiar names were new Rotary Club officers in 1969

by Brenda Brand, Columnist

100 years ago    July 10, 1919

• Register automobiles

Minnesota’s new automobile registration law took effect July 1st. Each automobile sold in the state, beginning July 4 must first be registered with the register of deeds of the county and the facts of the sale sworn to before a notary public. The purpose of the law is to hamper automobile thefts by requiring every owner not on record as such to prove his property. The new act is one of the eight passed by the last legislature to go into effect July 4th.

• Car turns turtle

Four young people had a very narrow escape from death or serious injury when the Ford car turned a summersault south of Erhard about a mile. Charlie Moberg, Pearl Herting, Alice Damschen and one of the Pierce boys of Lida were the victims of the accident. They were in the Pierce car and Miss Damschen was driving. It is stated that the wind, which was very strong blew off her hat and she let go of the steering wheel to catch her hat and in the twinkle of an eye the car was in the ditch. The Moberg boy was unhurt the worst while Miss Herting sustained a black eye. The other two escaped without any serious hurts. The car was quite badly smashed.

The young folks might consider themselves very fortunate in escaping as well as they did.

75 years ago    July 13, 1944

• Lively Runaway

Monday evening at about six o’clock the Iver Halbakken team caused quite a little excitement when it ran away, hitched to a wagon. The team started somewhere near the Frazee mill and ran north on Broadway. When in front of the Frazee office it took to the sidewalk and hit Supt. McArthur’s car in front of the old bank building, damaging it to quite an extent, and all but the front door of the wagon was strewn over the sidewalk there. A little further on, a lamp post was broken down and the team then went across the street where one horse fell down and got tangled up to such an extent that the team could go no further, and was caught.

• Summer resort sold

Oak Lodge summer resort on Lake Lida, has been sold to Engvold Gulbrandson of Sioux Falls, S.D. The lodge has been operated by Mrs. C.R. Frazee for the past number of years and has been a very popular resort, and was operated for years by the late Mr. and Mrs. “Cad” Kinney.

50 years ago    July 10, 1969

• Burglary loss is over $2,700

The value of cash and merchandise taken from Pelican Hardware in a burglary discovered Wednesday morning is estimated at more than $2,700.

Arnold and Harold Nord, owners of the store, said that 25 guns, with a value of about $2,000 were missing. Included were .22 calibre rifles, shotguns, and high calibre rifles. Besides the guns, 95 boxes of high calibre ammunition, valued at $550 and 10 cartons of .22 shells worth $125 were taken.

The burglars also helped themselves to a tool kit valued at $40 plus about $50 worth of change from the cash register.

The thieves gained entrance by placing a ladder against the rear of the building to reach a bathroom window on the upper level of the store. The metal frame of the window was forced in, leaving an opening which was only about a foot square. The loot was carried out through the basement to the rear entrance.

The Nords reported that the loss was uninsured because of the prohibitive cost of the insurance.

Apparently the burglars had plenty of light to work by. Arnold Nord said that the regular night light was out, so a large fixture had been left burning instead. 

The robbery is being investigated by Police Chief Merlin Rieman and Deputy Sheriff Merle Bacon.

• Rotary Club Directors

New officers and directors of the Pelican Rapids Rotary Club are Bill Newhall, director; Walt Boe, vice-president; Kenneth Johnson, director; Harry Greene, director; Everett Johnson, president; Al Rogelstad, secretary; Henry Polkinghorn, past president and Chauncey Martin, treasurer.

25 years ago    July 13, 1994

• They get uglier each year!

“They get uglier each year!” stated chairman Len Zierke, after Saturday’s “Ugly Truck Contest,” sponsored by the Pelican Rapids Chamber of Commerce.

The ugliest of the ugly trucks was a 1931 Model A Ford entered by Stanley Krajsa of rural Detroit Lakes.

“It was questionable whether it was really a truck,” Zierke said.

Placing a close second was Keith Rasmusson, Rothsay with his 1975 Chevrolet C-10 pickup.

Ballard Sanitation, Pelican Rapids, took third place with its 1976 Chevrolet Scottsdale pickup.

This year’s contest, the seventh annual event, had only seven pre-entries, with only five that made it. The other two trucks wouldn’t start to arrive at the contest!

• Fire destroys camping trailer

An unexplained fire destroyed a camper parked at Herb Johnson’s Resort on Lake Lizzie.

Pelican Rapids firemen were called to the scene at 4:30 a.m. Friday when the camper owned by Lloyd Zander, Fargo, started to burn. It had been unused for about a week and no cause of the fire has been determined.

Firemen remained at the scene for about an hour.

Trailers parked on either side of the burning camper were also damaged.