25 years ago 
September 9, 1992

Siegle to explain peer listeners…Who do your children talk to when they don’t talk to you…their friends, and their friends are being trarined as PEER LISTENERS. What do they talk about…Is the program necessary…Who is involved…Is it working…What can parents do? Al Siegle, advisor to the PEER LISTENER Group will speak to parents about the program.

• PRHS almuni Kyle Haugrud and Steve Klein playing for the Cobbers. Kyle, majoring in social studies education, will start on the offensive line. Steve, an elementary ed. major, returns as the team’s punter.

50 years ago 
September 7, 1967

Dry spell still unbroken. A long dry spell remains unbroken this week, and no relief is in sight, according to the Weather Bureau. Although no official records are kept, the current period is thought by many residents to be one of the longest without rain. No substantial amount of precipitation has been recorded locally since the first week of June.

The village council approved construction of an addition to the fire hall to provide housing for the ambulance.

75 years ago
September 3, 1942 

• Home Movies for Benefit of Soldiers at Auditorium. G. H. Knutson is the sponsor of this worthy project and pictures shown will be from his fine colletion of over 2000 feet of colored film. Admission will be charged and the entire proceeds will be used for making up and mailing Christmas boxes to boys from this vicinity in the armed services of their country. Each box will contain a card showing that the package is from the people of Pelican Rapids and vicinity.

• Women needed to make surgical dressings. Supplies have been received from Red Cross headquarters for making 4,000 2.2 inch sponges. It is planned to do this work next week at the sewing room in the high school. As many women as possibly can are strongly urged to help in this work.

100 years ago
September 6, 1917 

• School opened this week with a large enrollment. Tuesday there were 105 enrolled in the high school and it is thought there will be ten or fifteen more later on. A large number of the boys and girls from the country have enrolled which accounts for the increase in attendance.

• Dr. Knudson wishes it distinctly known that he is not on the exemption board. The report has been circulated that he is a member of the board and it is giving him considerable trouble. There is no exemption board in Pelican.