Fall play was big hit, with hilarious performances up and down the cast list

by Louis Hoglund, Managing Editor

The cast forms for a bow after the conclusion of the Friday night show.

A theater critic I am not, but for what it is worth: The Pelican Rapids High School production of “Clue” was a big hit.

The script was hilarious, the students did a marvelous job, audience reaction was great–and attendance was above average for all three shows.  

High school productions, especially in a smaller school district, can be a challenge.  Let’s face it, the “talent pool” can be somewhat limited, simply by virtue of smaller enrollment and the time demands on students in sports and other extra curricular activities. It is not uncommon to stage a show with a few strong performers in key roles; but the rest of the cast “average” as far as their stage presence. Not a criticism–just a fact of life at a smaller school.  

What was impressive with “Clue”  were the great comic performances by basically everybody! 

A scene in the dining room, with “Clue” characters Colonel Mustard, Mrs. White, Mrs. Peacock, Mr. Green, Miss Scarlet and Professor Plum

Most of us know the board game, with Colonel Mustard, Mrs. White, Mrs. Peacock, Mr. Green, Professor Plum and Miss Scarlet. In this stage adaptation, each of these characters have a distinct, comic role in the story. Plus, the script included key characters Kirby Nelson’s Wadsworth and Moira Fitzsimmons’ Yvette. Each of these lead players need to deliver to make the stage presentation work.

To have strong performances from all ten of the key characters–not to mention the smaller, bit parts–is somewhat uncommon, from what I’ve observed in high school and community theater over the years. 

So, that’s my “theater review.”  And I’ll also note, if you missed the show this year–watch for the school play next fall.  There’s plenty of talent coming up in the Pelican Rapids High School ranks. 

We’re re-printing the cast list here, to give all of the students credit for a job well done.  

Clue (High School Edition)

Cast List

In Order of Appearance

Wadsworth- Kirby Nelson 

Yvette- Moira Fitzsimmons

Cook- Anna Kunz

Colonel Mustard- Spencer Okke

Mrs. White- Katlyn Haugrud

Mrs. Peacock- Gretta Nordgren 

Mr. Green- Chris Hovden

Professor Plum- Julian Diaz 

Miss Scarlet- Rachael Guler 

Mrs. Boddy- Petra Black

Motorist- Chase Restad

The Cop- Riley Berg 

Dark Figure- Eli Valdovines 

Singing Telegram Girl- Amy Villagomez

FBI Agents- Logan Petznick, Brady Petznick, and David Johnston

Reporter- Kayla Richardson

Camera Operator- Clair Schleske


Technical Crew List

Stage Manager- Marlee Smith

Stagehand- Hannah Motz and Emma Rotz

Sound- Noah Ballard

Sound Effects- Mason Blahut

Lights- Gage Stromberg and Eli Valdovines

Set construction, painting and props

Chris Hovden, Moira Fitzsimmons, Rachael Guler, Kirby Nelson, Spencer Okke, Katlyn Haugrud, Gretta Nordgren, Petra Black, Amy Villagomez, Clair Schleske, Hannah Motz, Emma Rotz, Mason Blahut, Gage Stromberg, Ilene Trittin-Anderson, Donald Anderson and Megan Okke 

Costumes: Dawn Lysaker