It’s all over but the voting and counting.

Election 2018, at the local and area level, has been one of the most active in recent memory.

With an Otter Tail County sheriff race for essentially the fist time in more than 15 years (Kile Bergren and Barry Fitzgibbons); combined with a spirited county board match-up between Jeff Gontarek and Wayne Johnson; West Otter Tail County voters have some clear decisions facing them.

Couple that with a six-way Pelican school board contest; and a seven-candidate ballot for Pelican Rapids council, as well as mayor seats; and voters in our newspaper coverage area have plenty of choices.

With voting coming up November 6, there’s not much more we can add in this edition of the Press to the Election 2018 decision except for one word: VOTE

Here are a few suggestions to voters looking for more information on voting information and candidates

• See page 12 in this edition for various information on precincts, the sample ballot and voting hours.

• Most area precincts are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. In some of our more rural township precincts, the starting time is delayed to 10 a.m. –but all are open until 8 p.m.

• To lean about candidates, check our free link at:

This Election Central 2018 site includes:

— Profiles of school board candidates for the Pelican Rapids School Board.
— Background on candidates for Pelican City Council and Mayor.
— Profiles of both Otter Tail County Board candidates, District 2, and Otter Tail sheriff.

• Profiles of statewide candidates, such as U.S. Senate, Congress and Governor.

• Sample ballot and voting precinct information

That being said, the word of the day and up through November 6 is “vote.”

And we at the Pelican Rapids Press urge our readers to engage in the most fundamental exercise in our democratic and free society.


Because of the renovation project at city hall, the precinct for city voters will be at the Pelican Fire Hall, right next door to the Pelican high school campus.

This information is not updated on the MN Secretary of State’s “What’s on my ballot?” website,