I would like to quote the late president Ronald Reagan.

Any taxes levied are paid by the people—the general public. Don’t ever forget that!

If you tax a corporation, it’s passed on in higher consumer prices.

If you put an excessive tax on the rich, you could cripple an industry or have it move out of the country. Sort of like what happened a number of years ago.

A governing body feeds upon itself!

We need more taxes so we can hire more people to run more government programs.

Our president wants to hire 80,000-some more people to help collect more taxes.

Bottom line?

Anything like college refunds, special services-whatever—requires government people to run these programs.

Elon Musk fired a rather large number of people because he claimed they were more or less expensive excess baggage.

Maybe it is time to call your representatives and ask how much excess baggage is hanging around their office?

It starts at the local level!

Dave Damlo,
Star Lake