Over the last several days, the Supreme Court has made a couple of rulings that will affect the nation for years to come.

First—keep in mind that the Supreme Court only rules whether or not a law meets the criteria set forth in our constitution. Remember the 9th-grade Civics classes on how the Govt. works?

Second—The Supreme Court stated that a 2021 New York law banning the possession of a firearm without a license was illegal because it violated the citizens of New York their 2nd and 14th amendment rights.

That’s it. All the rest of the scuttlebutt is news media and political speculation!

The second concerns Roe vs. Wade.

No matter what the protesters are hollering, the Supreme Court turned the decisions over to the individual states. They didn’t ban abortion. They said the Federal Gov’t didn’t have the right to regulate abortion. It’s up to the individual states.

 So-The bottom line:

 About everything in our constitution claims that States’ Rights should be Sovereign so the Federal Gov’t can’t run roughshod over the people. 

Just how much control do we want to give to the Federal Gov’t?

Dave Damlo,
Star Lake