Shows are opportunity to remind public of fundraising campaign for ‘Hear the Arts’

Our applause to the cast and crew who staged the delightful comedy “Bedtime Stories” as the fall Pelican Rapids High School theater production–and director Kathryn Anderson, in her second year on the Pelican faculty. 

The entire cast and technical crew posed for a photo following the Sunday performance of “Bedtime Stories” at the Pelican Rapids High School Fine Arts Auditorium.

The script was hilarious, and the students did an outstanding job, re-telling twisted versions of classic stories. The “Bedtime Stories” was subtitled, “(As told by our dad…Who messed them up).” Almost every family can relate to the theme: A work-weary father; attempting to get the kids to sleep; pestered to tell bedtime stories; and generally butchering and botching them. The tales included cleverly re-written versions of “The Princess and the Peas,”  “Rumpelstiltskin,” and “The Boy who Cried Dinosaur.” 

The show attracted about 500 spectators for the three performances, and was yet another opportunity to showcase the marvelous Fine Arts Auditorium.

This is an opportune time to remind folks of the “Hear the Arts” campaign to raise funds for acoustic and technical enhancements at the theater facility.  The campaign will include funds to purchase wireless

Portraying “Dad” was Eli Sytsma, right, telling bedtime stories to his daughters, Gretta Nordgren, Tori Gillaspey and Rachael Guler.

microphones, which would be an asset for larger stage and concert productions.  Also part of the campaign, acoustic shells and installations, and a grand piano.  

For information on how you can get  involved, check online donation page:

You can also phone: 218-739-2239. 

Or talk to one of the committee members:  

Kathryn Anderson, Jessica Fahje, Sean Fitzsimmons, Mark Johnson, Brian Korf, Lloyd Nelson, Lori Paakh, Anne Peterson, Bob Satterlie or Kris Thompson.

In the “Princess and the Peas” segment of the comic play at the Pelican Rapids High School auditorium, Katlyn Haugrud, Zane Brosowske, Mackenzie Thornton and Colm Fitzsimmons.