Enjoyed reading Kim Pederson’s “Baby Boom” column on “The Streak” phenomenon, an odd fad of the early 1970’s—running naked in a public location. The column was in the Oct. 13 issue of the Press. 

I also have a story about streakers on Prom night May 1974. Maybe the three members of the class of 1974 wanted to “one up” the gym streaker by having two guys streak downtown.

I don’t remember all the facts as this happened almost 48 years ago. I am not going to identify the boys involved. What I do remember is that two of the boys were to run from Severson’s Drug (Pelican Drug) down Broadway and to be picked up by a driver in the alley behind Walt Boe’s (57 N Broadway).

I do not recall if they turned off Broadway at Starman’s Meat (Mercantile on Main) or were going to run to Boe’s and then run east. But when they got to the get-away car the police had stopped the driver and were waiting for them. Because at least two of them were over 18 they got a trip to the Otter Tail County jail in Fergus Falls . I think one of the dads waited until the next morning to pick up his son.

I am sure other members of the class of 74 have more information on this. I wonder how many were parked on Broadway to watch. 

Harold Holt,
Pelican Rapids