100 years ago, January 12, 1922

• Invited To Leave – Citizens Express Sentiment

John Gunderson was acquitted by the jury in district court last week on a charge of criminal assault, preferred by Mrs. Harry Schonteich.

It was understood he was in the village Friday, and for the purpose of demonstrating to him the sentiment of the citizens of Pelican Rapids in general, a large crowd of men decided to inform him that his presence in the village was no longer desired. The crowd contemplated no violence, and none would have been tolerated had Mr. Gunderson been found, but upon inquiries at the A. Sanner and Mrs. Carlson’s homes, it was learned he was not in town, so the crowd dispersed as peacefully as it had gathered.

The sentiment of the public here is to the effect that the result of the trial was a travesty on justice, and to allow it to go by with no expression of disapproval would be wholly wrong and a disregard of the laws which were promulgated for the safety and security of mankind.

75 years ago, January 9, 1947

• Fine Skating Rink on School Grounds

The boys and girls who enjoy skating have been having lots of fun lately on the new skating rink on the school grounds. This rink has been sponsored by the Junior Chamber of Commerce, and it is now in very fine condition. A 16×16 ft. warming house has been built on the south side of the rink. It is made of a frame with imitation brick siding and warmed by an oil stove which is in operation day and night, so it is always warm for the convenience of the skaters.

The building cost in the neighborhood of $1,000, and the Jaycees paid half the cost and the school half.

The rink is not very large, and it is expected that it will be enlarged another winter if demand requires.

• Senior Class to Take Spring Trip to Duluth

The seniors of 1947 began their money-making ventures for earning a senior trip at the Homecoming game between Pelican and Elbow Lake. Several weeks before the game, senior students could be found during spare hours and after school making black and orange footballs with the slogan “Bend Elbow” on them to be sold as souvenir badges at the game. Programs were also made and printed with the starting line-up of each team.

At several of the games, coffee, sandwiches, and doughnuts were sold to a shivering crowd.

A combination Sadie Hawkins and Halloween party was sponsored by the senior class for the four upper classes and given in the gymnasium. Committees were appointed for food, recreation, and decoration. Apple cider and doughnuts were sold, and relays and games were played. Prizes were sold at the fish pond, and there were two tubs full of apples for dunking.

50 years ago, January 13, 1972

• Snow Storm Arrives In Force

Boasting about the mild winter experienced so far ended abruptly Wednesday with the arrival of the season’s first blizzard. Extremely cold temperatures were expected on the heels of the snow. The snow and wind started during the early morning hours Wednesday, reducing visibility to zero and piling up drifts from the approximately six to eight inches of new snow. All schools in the area were closed for the day, and traffic was at a near stand-still.

The outlook for the remainder of the week is also bleak, as temperatures down to 30 below are being forecast by the Weather Service. For the period Friday through Sunday, highs are expected to range from about ten below to near zero, and lows will range from 15 to 30 below.

• Liquor Sales Up For Year

Sales at the municipal liquor store reached $219,000 during 1971, up from $202,000 the previous year. Unofficial, un-audited figures set net profit at about $28,500.

The municipal off-sale store, in operation for three years, has shown increases each year, starting with total sales of $172,000 in its first year of operation. Net income, however, is down slightly from the $30,000 figure reported a year ago.

In his annual report to the village council, store manager John Melby listed sales of $219,705; gross profit of $53,751; operating expenses of $25,236; and net income of $28,515.

Profits from the store are channeled into the village general fund as needed.

25 years ago, January 15, 1997

• Stores Run Out of Milk During Storm

Shoppers intent on stocking up on milk Thursday evening found that someone else got there first.

Dairy cases at both local supermarkets were virtually empty for a couple of reasons: 1. The weather conditions, and the fact that shoppers were going to stock up on milk to carry them through the blizzard, were not anticipated; and 2. Trucks bringing a fresh supply could not make it through snow blocked roads.

At Larry’s Super Market, owner Phil Stotesbery commented that “In my 19 years here, I’ve never seen anything like it.”

The supply of milk sold out Thursday as the storm moved into the area. With roads blocked between here and Fargo, the normal supply routes were cut off.

Since Larry’s is supplied from Wadena, dairy products from Land O’ Lakes at Minneapolis were included in a shipment of groceries that was able to make it into Pelican Rapids on Friday.

A truck of Cass Clay dairy products made it to Wadena later, and another truck of supplies was dispatched to Pelican Rapids on Saturday.

At Rick’s SuperValu, which is supplied out of a SuperValu warehouse in Fargo, the wait was even longer.

The dairy cases remained empty all day Friday and into Saturday morning before a truck filled with the weekend order arrived. It normally comes in Friday morning, loaded with the weekend “specials” along with produce, meat, and other stock items.

In addition to the depleted dairy case, bread shelves remained empty, and holes in the normally well-stocked shelves marked places where the advertised “specials” were supposed to be.

Owner Rick Ell was in Arizona, however, so he missed out on all the excitement.

“We don’t like to stock up too heavily on dairy items,” Stotesbery commented. “We try to keep fresh dating on the products. But we may have to order more if another storm is predicted.”