Statewide, party is united—despite disgruntled factions in Otter Tail, other Minn. counties

By David Hann, Chair,
Republican Party of Minnesota

Every two years, grassroots Republicans gather together at precinct caucus in February to begin the endorsement process for statewide and local candidates. 

Over the past two months, Republicans have endorsed strong candidates across the state, including Dr. Scott Jensen for governor, Matt Birk for lieutenant governor, Jim Schultz for attorney general, Kim Crockett for secretary of state, and Ryan Wilson for state auditor. At the same time, our local Republicans endorsed strong candidates in Jordan Rasmusson for State Senate District 9, Jeff Backer for House District 9A, and Tom Murphy for House District 9B. 

Unfortunately, there are some individuals that seem unable to accept that local, grassroots Republicans endorsed candidates they don’t personally support. Rather than coming together to support our party’s endorsed, strong conservative leaders and working to defeat the Democrats in November, they are making false accusations on the record to the local newspaper. 

Sadly, this paper (Pelican Rapids Press) chose to publish their complaints without even checking with the Republican Party for comment. This letter serves as the Republican Party’s response to the false information provided by this newspaper to its readers.

Contrary to the information reported in this newspaper, there was no so-called “fraud” at the precinct caucus in February, or the Senate District 9 convention in April. 

That’s right – no fraud. 

In the end, the entire body of grassroots delegates and seated alternates from Senate District 9 – over 270 people from five counties – voted unanimously to accept the final credentials report on April 23. 

Make no mistake about it, Jordan Rasmusson, Jeff Backer, and Tom Murphy all earned the Republican endorsement fair and square. 

A small group is now unhappy that their candidate for Senate wasn’t the choice of local Republicans. Instead of supporting fellow Republicans, this group has decided to oppose a number of conservative Republicans running for office, including supporting a candidate running on the Legalize Marijuana Now ticket against Congresswoman Michelle Fischbach. 

These are the same kinds of activists organizing against endorsed candidates and BPOU leaders across the state. When they don’t get their way, they lash out and attack hardworking grassroots volunteers, accusing them of cheating, fraud, and other crimes. 

Jordan Rasmusson is the proven conservative and Republican in this race for State Senate. He is endorsed by the Republican Party, Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life (MCCL), and the Minnesota Police & Peace Officers Association, and he has a 100% pro-2nd Amendment voting record in the legislature. Rasmusson also has a proven conservative voting record in his time at the State Capitol.

It’s time to reject individuals who seek to divide the Republican Party by supporting third party candidates and who continue to spread false information about the Republican Party and our endorsed conservative candidates. 

Support Jordan Rasmusson for state senate, Jeff Backer for House District 9A, Tom Murphy for House District 9B, Congresswoman Michele Fischbach, Dr. Scott Jensen for governor, Matt Birk for lieutenant governor, Jim Schultz for attorney general, Kim Crockett for secretary of state, and Ryan Wilson for state auditor in the Primary Election on Tuesday, August 9.