From Star Lake Concerned Citizens
At a meeting of the board of the SLCCG on November 17, 2019 it was decided that mission was completed, and time to dissolve the Star Lake Concerned Citizens.

That is, the White Earth Band tribal council voted and approved an action at an August 31, 2018 meeting to rescind the prior council’s resolution to expand gaming operations on the proposed Star Lake casino site, located east of Pelican Rapids.

The proposed development was shelved.

The purpose of this last communication from the SLCCG is one of thanks and to advise that the remaining funds of the SLCCG will be donated to the Star Lake Property Owners Association and restricted specifically to further the mission of their Star Lake Protection Fund (LPF). This dedicated fund was recently formalized by the SLPOA board. The mission of the LPF mirrors the mission of the SLCCG and we are confident the funds will be used in the spirit in which they were donated.

How we came together as a community of people with diverse interests and concerns stirs a deep-seated sense of pride and gratitude. We unified as one and defended an environmentally significant wetland on Star Lake, protecting its valuable ecosystem and the wildlife that call it home.

With your support the initiative to expand the Shooting Star gaming operations on the shores of Star Lake’s South Arm was delayed for a deeper, more thoughtful look at the potential environmental, societal and financial consequences. Area residents and visitors wrote letters and spoke of their concerns to county, state and federal government representatives.

With the Otter Tail County Commissioners thoughtful decision to require an Environmental Impact Statement, the developer put the project on indefinite hold, and the tribal council subsequently rescinded the planned gaming expansion.

Hats off to Star Lake POA, Dead Lake POA, OTC COLA, Star Lake Township and Dead Lake Township area residents and members of White Earth for your support in the review process that concluded with the rescission of the proposed Star Lake Casino and Resort.

The Star Lake Concerned Citizens Group