I have been accused of being a “single issue voter,” and that is not an insult to me. The person I vote for must be a person of conviction, who will not hesitate to stand up for what is right. This November, I’ll be voting for Jordan Rasmusson for State Representative because of his strong stance on “life” issues. He has been endorsed by MCCL (Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life) as an advocate for the unborn and defender of those at the end of their lives stating his belief that no life is dispensable. 

I realize there are many issues facing our country at this critical time. But if we cannot lay a foundation that defines when life begins and whose lives matter (all) then we have nothing to build on to negotiate any other issue. Foreign policy, immigration, schooling, taxation, healthcare–all can be on the table for discussion and compromise. But if we can’t agree that a helpless, voiceless child in her mother’s womb is not worthy of protection; that this child can be murdered anytime up and through delivery on what should have been her birthday–our society is sick and has lost its moral compass. It is not a matter of choosing a baby over his mother, as though we must sacrifice one to save the other, but to set policies that save/support them both.

I vote that we return to valuing ALL LIFE: unborn and born, young and old, black and white, with every kind of gift and imperfection. The world is big enough for all of us and we must find a way to embrace all people made in God’s image. I believe Jordan Rasmusson is a man who will help us get there.

Dawn Synstelien

Fergus Falls