That “WE” word keeps being omitted by the whole country. Everything is “I.”

United WE stand-Divided WE fall! Right now, WE have a divided country.

 Everyone seems fonder of the “I” word, and it probably starts with our President. He is continually bragging about what “I” did.

Of course, we have Mr. Trump. While he is not very accurate on facts and has a terrible time with math—he is not a bit bashful about using the “I” word.

WE just sent about 535 people to Washington. 

They were sent there by “WE” the people, to work together and govern this country—not have a food fight.

“We the people” have a powerful voice. We’ve just proven that. And it’s just a start. 

Now is when WE start making phone calls, sending petitions, writing articles, and whatever it takes to make these representatives pay attention to what WE want!

That being said, this country is still ruled by the majority—not by special interest groups demanding special treatment in the guise of Equal Rights.

This election should be a wake-up call to every person in the country.

Currently, WE have a major power threatening to blow up the world. WE have Ukraine fighting for the freedoms we’ve been taking for granted—and WE have a national debt and inflation that’s skyrocketing. 

The big news in the election? 

Giveaway programs, college loan forgiveness, and abortion. “I,” not “WE!”

Time to skip the Democrat or Republican rhetoric and speak as a country!

Dave Damlo, 
Star Lake