I was happy to see that three teachers who had a great impact on my life were recognized by the Pelican Rapids Press recently.  

Jack Couture spent his career building a great band program.  After high school, I missed band more than anything else.  

Gerald Polley and John Mathison also were part of an excellent math program.  When I took math credits in college, I had to take calculus and advanced calculus with pre-med and engineering students.  I thought it would be very difficult, but I was more than able to compete with all of them because of the background I had.  

The same is true about the probability and statistics class mentioned in the Press that Mr. Polley originated.  

I took several statistics courses, and none were any harder than what we had at PRHS.

These three teachers and many others deserve recognition.

Sincerely yours,

Rob Anderson (Class of 1969)

Pierre, SD