In 1950 my dad fell and cracked a bone in his chest and came and had Dr. Henry Korda treat it. 

I was going to start harvest combining, with my uncle driving the tractor on the combine. Combine was making a noise so I checked it and went to jump down and slipped and fell and got run over on my right foot. 

I had 11 breaks in the right foot. 

Seeing Dr. Korda, he said I had to wait until the swelling went down. One week later he came and told me I had two choices. One was go to Fargo and have my foot amputated and the other was that he would experiment with it, my choice.

He gets an electric drill and bit and drills cross holes in the 4 little toes and put pins in the holes and fastens rubber bands to the pins. Makes a cast to cover the foot but not the toes. Cast has a rod across the front where he pulls the rubber bands tight. Seven weeks with special cast; two weeks with walking cast and Dr. Korda gave me a new foot. I am now 91 and still using it. 

A doctor to be remembered.

I suppose Marcy was my nurse at the time. So many thanks to Marcy and Dr. Henry Korda.

Lyle Barringer,

Pelican Rapids