by Brenda Brand, Columnist

100 years ago June 24, 1920

• A great speech
Harry Cyurran Wilbur, representative of the Minnesota Sound Government Association spoke at the band stand last Thursday night.

There was an immense crowd present to hear him and it was one of the most fluent and logical speeches ever heard.

He is out for the purpose of exposing the workings of socialism and radicalism in the state and he gave facts and figures, substantiated by records and affidavits, to prove what he said was true.

He said he had no quarrel with the farmers for organizing. In fact they should organize he said, just as other classes of people organize, but he objected to the socialistic element trying to get control of the state government.

He showed how the socialists and bolshevik of Russia and all of the various socialistic organizations of the world are united, with the intention of working out their program to destroy the democratic form of government which is now in vogue.

According to his size up of conditions the future does not look very rosy, as one of the greatest menaces ever confronting the country is now working to overthrow the government.

• Enthusiasm dead
A few weeks ago there was considerable enthusiasm in regard to getting the Otter Tail Power Co. to run a line here and furnish the village with light and power.

A committee was appointed to see what could be done towards raising the necessary $30,000 in bonds which the company asked the village to subscribe, to help build the line. Things looked rosy at that time and all who attended the meetings thought the proposition a good one. But since the enthusiasm has died and there are perhaps as many against the proposition as there are for it, so the possibility of getting light from that source is very remote.

The editor believes this was the opportunity that Pelican Rapids has been waiting for and it should have been put through.

75 years ago June 21, 1945

• Leo Wagner killed in distressing accident
A distressing and fatal accident occurred Monday forenoon shortly before noon when Leo, the ten-year-old son of Mrs. Cor Wagner, who was riding a bicycle, collided with a car at the intersection by the Ringsaker church.

Leo and Gary Peterson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Peterson, were riding their bicycles and were going east on the street running past the C.D. Haugen home. A car in which was Mrs. T.G. Anderson of Fergus Falls, her daughter Mrs. Wm. Freudiger, and Miss Garnet Lillegard, was coming into town from the south.

Leo, who had only recently got a bicycle had not ridden much and perhaps became confused. At any rate his bicycle crashed into the side of the automobile with terrific force, breaking the glass in the door. He was picked up unconscious and rushed to a hospital, but his conditions was such that he was taken to Fergus Falls where it was found he suffered a crushed skull and a fractured leg. His condition was such that nothing could be done to save his life and he died without gaining consciousness.

• A Fish story
Supt. MacArthur and son, Robert, were fishing one day last week. Robert had provided himself with some new fishing tackle and he got a bite or got his hook caught on a snag. At any rate, he lost his spinner.

In a short time Mr. MacArthur pulled in a fish and Robert’s hook was in its mouth!

• Puckett undergoes emergency surgery
Arlon Puckett, who was on his way home from Germany where he had been a prisoner of the enemy for several months, was stricken with an acute attack of appendicitis on the train in Iowa last week and was taken to a hospital at Oelwein,Iowa for an operation. His wife and mother, Mrs. L.A. Puckett, left immediately after receiving the message of his illness and a card was received Tuesday stating that Arlon was getting along fine and would be home in about ten days.

(More on his interview with an Iowa reporter in a later edition.)

50 years ago June 25, 1970

• Chalk-up one sign, three mail boxes
An unknown motorist is credited by village police with destruction of one street sign and three mail boxes.

The incident occurred one night recently at the intersection of Highway 59 and County Road #9 at the north edge of the village. A motorist apparently missed the turn, jumped over the curb, ran over the street marker sign, and then hit the group of three mail boxes.

A police investigation has failed to turn up the identity of the hit and run driver.

• CD siren to be used for tornado warning

A five-minute steady blast of the village Civil Defense siren will be used as a warning if a tornado threatens the area, Police Chief Merlin Rieman announced this week.

Rieman said that the tornado alert signal will be used only after the county Sheriff’s Office has relayed U.S. Weather Bureau instructions to village police.

The five-minute steady blast will be supplemented by police using a loudspeaker mounted on the village patrol car.

The tornado alert should not be confused with the monthly civil defense test alert, sounded at 1:00 pm on the first Wednesday of each month. The test consists of a one minute steady blast followed by a 20 second delay (silence) and then one minute of short blasts (wailing) the next civil defense test will be on Wednesday, July 1.

25 years ago June 21, 1995

• Rings, cash taken from home
Rings and cash were taken in a burglary of the Karen Casperson home in Pelican Rapids.

Casperson reported the theft last Wednesday, noting that whoever took the items was probably aware of the times when no one was at the house.

Also reported was the forced entry of a storage building located near the Dairy Queen on South Broadway. It has not been determined whether anything is missing, police said.

Police were also notified that an alarm at Northern National Bank had been triggered on Friday. On investigation, it was determined that balloons inside the bank set off the detectors.