My wife grew up on a farm by Rollag and always looked forward to coming to Pelican Rapids to see Pelican Pete and the waterfalls. When we lived in Shakopee, we would bring people up and stop and take pictures by Pelican Pete.

One year we camped in the park above the dam. We put our canoe in the back waters and fished and then we portaged up the river/Prarie Lake. On the way we saw lots of beautiful scenery, ducks, and all kinds of birds. If you take the waterfalls and dam away, there will be no back water lake and no river to talk about for the beautiful ducks, swans, and wildlife.

Without the small lake, waterfalls and Pelican Pete, there would be nothing for tourists to come to Pelican Rapids for. You will lose a lot of tourism and Pelican Rapids will be history.

If businesses want people to come to Pelican Rapids to shop, then the business area has to get together and save Pelican Pete, the waterfalls, and the small back water lake. This is a small investment for the long term future of Pelican Rapids.

Butch Dallmann,
Alexandria, MN