Grove Lake 4-H’ers were drama kings, queens at county play contest in 1968

100 years ago
May 9, 1918

• Warm Weather
Friday, Saturday and Sunday the weather was real summer like. Sunday the thermometers registered over 90 degrees, that being the hottest day. This warm weather after the fine rain of a week ago made vegetation grow rapidly. The season is from ten days to two weeks ahead of the average year.

• A Great Machine
Dr. J.F. Knudson has recently installed a great piece of mechanism at his office. It is a Wappler Interupterless Transformer, an X-Ray machine of the most modern type. He has already taken some very remarkable pictures of great value to him in his dental work and is now prepared to take pictures of the bones of any part of the body. It is a piece of mechanism well worth seeing and Dr. Knudson is to be congratulated upon his desire to equip his office in such a first class manner.

75 years ago
May 13, 1943

• Community Canning Center to be Located Here
Plant to be set up in creamery. Pelican Rapids has been selected as the location for one of the 30 community canning centers to be erected in Minnesota by the War Training Division of the State Department of Education, Mr. Gustafson, Agriculture instructor said today. As part of a setup recently approved by the War Manpower Commission in Washington, designed to contribute to the nation’s food supply, housewives in this area will be permitted to bring their produce to the creamery to be canned in modern, sanitary steam pressure cookers, free of charge in either glass mason jars or tin cans. This project will be sponsored by the Board of Education of Pelican Rapids, all costs including equipment, maintenance and installation will be paid by the federal government. The equipment will be left here for as long a period as it continues to be used.

• Will Operate Lake Store
C.M. Lee has leased the store buildings at Crystal-Lida Beach from W.C. Albright and will operate the place this summer. He will carry a stock of groceries and other products usually carried in a summer resort establishment. Mrs. Lee will have charge of the lake business while Mr. Lee takes care of his business in town.

50 years ago
May 9, 1968

• Selected for Honor Society
Six juniors and six seniors at Pelican Rapids High School became members of the National Honor Society in a ceremony at the school Thursday afternoon. The six juniors selected for the honor society were: Ann Newhall, Robbie Anderson, Dennis Rostad, Sherry Carlson, Glen Trygstad, and Connie Nodsle. Seniors who were selected to the society this year were: Peter Larson, David Haugrud, Faythe Haugrud, Irvin Erickson, Annette Arvidson, and Carolyne Sherbrooke. The new members were selected for the Honor Society by a faculty committee, members of which based their nominations on scholarship, leadership, service, and character. Members must be in the upper one-third of their class.

• Grove Lake Wins First County Play Contest
The Grove Lake 4H Club presented the winning play when 4H clubs from both sides of the county competed in a 4H play festival at the New York Mills High School Auditorium last Wednesday, May 1. East Otter Tail was represented at the festival by the Heinola Hustlers and the Dora Boosters, the top winners in the contest held for that half of the county. Grove Lake and French clubs represented West Otter Tail. Judging was done by advanced speech and theater students from Moorhead State College. “The Bard at Bakersville High”, presented by Grove Lake was selected as the recipient of the trophy for the outstanding play. In the cast were Eileen Haugrud, Steve and Rick Bakken, Cheryl Haugrud, Carla and Loren Seifert, Tom and Faythe Haugrud, and Susan Langseth. Debbie Berndt assisted in the production of the play. Receiving the award as the outstanding actress in the festival was Faythe Haugrud, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Haugrud.

25 years ago
May 12, 1993

• Plant Tours
About 250 visitors learned about turkey processing during an open house Saturday morning at West Central Turkeys, Inc. in Pelican Rapids. In addition to enjoying a sampling of food items produced at West Central, groups were guided through the entire plant, stopping at each department to hear department supervisors explain what is done along each step of the way. At one of the stops, Randy Waskosky explained how the Roto-matics evacuate air from the plastic bags in which whole turkeys are packaged. Rick Rogers, Director of General Operations and Finance, said that while he was satisfied with the turnout, he hoped more could have taken advantage of the opportunity to see the plant.

• Awards to Instructors
Firearms safety instructors were singled out for recognition last week when this year’s students practiced at the range near Erhard. Instructors and their years of service are Donald Martinson, 20 years; Brent Frazier, 10 years; John Peshek, 10 years; Jack Grabarkewitz, 30 years; Rodney Zentz, 5 years, Art Erickson, 20 years, Arnold Haak, 5 years and Robert Hanson, 10 years. Ray Jensen made the presentations.