By Paul Gubrud, Columnist

100 years ago, September 8, 1921

• Big Ballgame

On Sunday afternoon, Erhard and Foxhome will play ball at the Ball Park in Pelican Rapids. These two teams were to have played here last Sunday, but on account of rain, it had to be postponed. The game will be called at 3:00 P. M. sharp. Be sure to attend the ball game next Sunday, Sept. 11th.

• Dance in Maplewood

Big dance at the Community Hall in Maplewood, Saturday night, Sept. 10th. Music by the Harmony Five of Fergus Falls. Everybody welcome.

75 years ago, September 12, 1946

• Public Schools to Open Next Monday 

Pelican Rapids schools were scheduled to open on September 3rd, but the opening was delayed due to the polio situation.

The public school will open for the fall session on Monday, Sept. 16th. It is expected that all registrations will be completed this week and that the daily schedule of every pupil will be made out so that there will be very little delay the first day. All children of the district who have attended or will attain the age of six years on or before Jan. 1, 1947, are eligible to enter the first grade. It will not be necessary for the first six grades of the elementary school to register before the opening of school Monday morning. Present indications are that there will be a large registration in all grades from the first and through the twelfth.

A bus has been purchased by Russell Knutson to service the high school and grade pupils east of town as far as the high school area extends eastward. Mr. Knutson states that the new bus may not arrive in time for the opening of the school but will be here next week sometime.

We are fortunate this year in securing a man to handle the industrial training work, and this will be welcomed by many boys who wished to take the class last year. Those who are entering the ninth grade will be allowed to take the class this year. If an Ag man can be secured during the year, that course will also be revived. It is hoped that institutional training for G.I.’s in agriculture can be started about October 1st. An announcement will be made soon on this.

50 years ago, September 9, 1971

• Area Farmers Hear President

A large number of Pelican Rapids area farmers were among those hearing President Nixon when he addressed the national meeting of Associated Milk Producers, Inc. on Friday evening. The meeting was held in Chicago.

An audience of about 40,000 persons was on hand at the McCormick Palace to hear the President in the opening session of the meeting. The business meeting was held in the same location Saturday morning, with newscaster Paul Harvey as guest speaker.

Nearly 500 farmers from Pelican Rapids and other area communities left Fargo aboard chartered planes early Friday morning for a two-day stay in Chicago as guests of AMPI.

• Pelican Student Now in Germany

Brian Carlson left Pelican Rapids on August 18 for his year of study in Germany as an A. F. S. exchange student. He will be attending an all-boys school in Kiel, Germany. The family with whom he will be living reside on a farm about 12 miles from the city.

Brian wrote about Paris and the countryside: “after we boarded the bus, we traveled around Paris and being foggy we couldn’t see much. We couldn’t even make out the Eiffel tower.”

25 years ago, September 4, 1996 

• Enrollment Higher than Expected in Pelican Rapids

Opening day enrollment in the Pelican Rapids School District totaled 1,367 students, about the same as last year, but more than the administration had expected.

As of Tuesday noon, 1,367 students were enrolled according to Superintendent Keith Klein.

“That’s exactly what we had last October 1,” said Klein.

Klein says since the district lost some students during the 1995-96 school year, administrators were expecting 1,350 students.

“Our numbers are better than we thought they’d be,” Klein said. “It’s a pleasant surprise.”

• Wastewater Problems Just Don’t Go Away

After spending more than $8 million on a wastewater treatment plant, Pelican Rapids still has a system that doesn’t work.

“We’re back to where we were eight years ago,” was Mayor Jim McDonald’s assessment of the situation discussed at a meeting of the city council Thursday.

“I think it’s a design problem,” McDonald told the group. “I wonder how much they (the engineers) are willing to pay to make it right.”

• Veterinary Clinic Dissolves; New Businesses Open

As of September 1, Pelican Rapids Veterinary Clinic no longer exists, but there are two veterinary practices in Pelican Rapids: Weckworth Animal Hospital and Maplewood Veterinary Animal Hospital. Dr. David Wentworth remains at the location of the former clinic while Drs. Mike Magnuson and Brennen Smith are new partners at Maplewood Veterinary Animal Hospital on Highway 59 South in the facility formerly owned by Christiansen Bus Service.

Dr. Weckworth, who has 13 years of experience in Pelican Rapids, says he aims to continue serving the greater Pelican Rapids community with complete veterinary services.

Dr. Michael Magnuson and Dr. Brennen Smith are partners at the Maplewood Veterinary Animal Hospital, the former Christiansen Bus building across from the Dairy Queen on Highway 59 south. Dr. Elroy Hexhum will work part-time for the clinic.