Great story in last week’s Press about Zane Brosowske and his Eagle Scout Project of painting the beacon tower at the Pelican Rapids Airport, call sign 47Y (Sorry it’s the pilot in me.)

It also brought back good memories of the Eagle Scout projects of two of my grandsons. And, it also brought back memories of how that beacon tower ended up at 47Y.

As my wife will attest to, my memory is not that good, so I dug out my old log books to find this information. In April of 1990 I pulled our plane out of the hanger to go for a ride and ended up in Duluth. While on the ground there, I noticed that they had a new beacon tower and the old one, minus the beacon light, was laying on the ground off to one side of the parking area. When I got back home I contacted the city of Duluth to see if the old tower could be purchased. They told me that if the city would write a letter to them requesting to purchase the old tower, we could buy it for $1.

After the purchase, Marlin Evenson arranged for a truck to pick it up and haul it to Pelican. While it laid on the ground at our airport, Chuck Egge did some work straightening some bent pieces and we hired someone to paint it.

We removed the old tower, an old farm windmill, set up the new one and installed our beacon on it.

So, the last time it was painted was the summer 1990.

Richard E. Peterson