The editorial column by Terry Esau published in the Pelican Rapids Press (Jan. 15 edition, “What would Jesus do at a Trump rallly) was interesting, and well written as a piece of fiction.  In fact, it is a nearly perfect example of how the left in this country still does not understand Donald Trump or his supporters.

The clear implication is that Trump and his supporters (about half of the 2016 voters) are a bunch of arrogant, bigoted, intolerant and hateful people who wrap themselves in Christianity to justify their narrow-minded beliefs. Similarly, in the 2016 campaign, Hillary Clinton said of the Trump supporters:  “…you could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables.”

Isn’t it interesting how this author has used Jesus to fictionalize and misrepresent the views of his political opponents?  Many of those opposing Trump are the people who often say that religion must be kept out of the public discourse, out of our public schools, out of our government and out of our politics. 

I think that the support of Trump reflects a worldwide movement away from big government, socialism and globalism.  

We are tired of being told that highly educated elites know more about how the country should be run than we do.  The establishment and its bureaucracy (the deep state) often seems to operate on the premise that the government should control the people rather than the people controlling the government.

Obama went around the world apologizing, implying that the United States is responsible for many of the world’s problems. It seemed that Obama looked upon himself more as a world government leader than as a president looking out for the interests of the U.S. 

The message was that our best days were over and that our status in the world would have to be diminished going forward.  Our economy would never be what it once was and we would have to learn to live with it.  Working people were justifiably frustrated and felt neglected and abandoned, often by both parties.

Enter Donald Trump, who spoke about illegal immigration, the deep state, bad trade deals, bringing back jobs, lowering taxes, rebuilding the military, fake news, reducing job killing regulations, energy independence, ending Obamacare, appointing conservative judges, supporting law enforcement, fighting socialism, draining the swamp and strengthening the U.S.

The slogan Make America Great Again reflects these ideas and therefore appeals to Trump supporters.  Trump supporters believe the U.S. is the greatest country that the world has ever known, that it is a force for good in the world, and that the world is a better place when the U.S. is strong.

Trump made many promises and kept most of them.  He has reduced illegal immigration greatly and is building the wall; income taxes have been reduced; bad trade deals such as NAFTA and the Chinese trade imbalance are being addressed; unemployment is at an all-time low for blacks, hispanics and women; wages are rising, especially for the lower income earners; 7 million jobs have been created, including 1 million manufacturing jobs; job killing regulations have been reduced; our military has been rebuilt; prison reform has been accomplished; over 180 “originalist” federal judges, including two supreme court justices have been appointed and confirmed; the individual mandate of Obamacare has been repealed and private insurance options have been preserved, avoiding the government take-over of healthcare; even as two of the world’s leading terrorists have been killed, our entanglement in endless foreign wars is being reduced; and we have reached energy independence.

He has accomplished all of this and more in spite of the democrats, the “never Trumpers,” the deep state and the media being arrayed against him. His campaign was spied on by the FBI with help from the CIA, and he has been investigated for three years by a special counsel even though no crime was ever specified or found.  Now he is being subjected to an impeachment hoax by the Democrats.  Even liberal Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz has come out strongly against this impeachment effort as being unconstitutional and bad for the country.

The left has spent the last 3 years trying to undo the election of 2016 and thereby deny the voters their right to elect the president.  The more President Trump is attacked and the more his supporters are misrepresented and vilified, the stronger the bond between Trump and his supporters, who appreciate his willingness to fight back.

Mr. Esau wrote in his preface that his words “…are intended to make us think, not argue.”  I happen to believe that both thought and argument are good.  We should think about the policies and changes being implemented under the Trump presidency and argue about whether or not they are good, and do so on the merits.  The voters can then decide in November whether to continue his presidency or go in a different direction.  The losing side should accept the results and not try to overturn them just because it is not happy.

Trump will have my vote unless contrary arguments convince me otherwise.

Scott Dirks, 

retired attorney and former Pelican Rapids resident