Obnoxiously loud ‘redneck’ rigs are a hearing hazard

Editor’s Note: Many of our readers will recognize the name of this columnist, Tom Runningen, as a local “social critic” with an opinion on just about everything. He’s a regular at the Pelican Rapids Pool Hall, where he has been irritating his fellow “pool hall gang members” for years. The Pelican Press decided to bring his commentary out of the pool hall and on to the general public on a once to twice monthly basis. Needless to say–Runningen’s views are not necessarily those of the Pelican Rapids Press. Thoughts or responses to his periodic comments?…email to newsprpress@loretel.net 

By Tom Runningen “In and Around Pelican” columnist

Good morning Pelican Rapids Press patrons! After several years I have received the go ahead for this column.

Just taking a few minutes out of my hectic schedule to enlighten you about a few issues in Pelican Rapids, I became overwhelmed!

So many, where do I start? I’m at a loss for words!…Something that doesn’t happen to me very often.

Let’s start with the one that has been overlooked, for no apparent reasons, for too long:

Noise Pollution! 

After losing ten percent or so of my hearing, it is time we address the issue of this redneck pick-up thing that has bombarded our tranquil city.

As far as I know, there has been and still is, a noise ordinance against excessive “noise” caused by poor or inadequate mufflers.

I think it’s time for those of us that want to keep our hearing loss in check, to step up and do something about this!

“Zero tolerance” for “excessive” noise!

I like the sound of a finely tuned muscle car as much as the next guy–or gal. But sitting at the Christmas tree at the Donnybrook race track without earplugs is too much!

Please, give us peace and quiet.