We have done it again. We have changed our shopping habits.

Do you remember when we mostly shopped locally at our hometown stores?

During this period most small downtowns thrived.

Then, large department stores such as Walmart opened and our small town stores struggled to compete. Many of our smaller stores were forced to close their doors.

Driving to the larger cities with their large stores was just too convenient. And, we could perhaps save a little money in the process.

Now, we are at it again. Instead of shopping at the large department stores we are shopping ‘online.’ It is easy, quick and convenient. Amazon is thriving. The company completely dominates the market. Walmart and Target are attempting to join the markets but thus far haven’t reached their goals.

Ironically, the large department stores are now having difficulty competing. The Fergus Falls and Detroit Lakes Kmart’s have already closed their doors. And, it has been rumored that the Fergus Target will soon close.

Nationally, Sears, Macy’s and Penney’s are having financial difficulties and the rumors are that they too will be soon closing their doors. It is rather depressing, isn’t it?

Undoubtedly, our changing shopping habits could cause change in Pelican Rapids as well. But, who knows, perhaps the change will benefit our local businesses. We won’t be driving to Fergus, DL or Fargo as often to shop.

And, some of us prefer not to shop from Amazon. We prefer to be able to touch the product before we buy.

Also, the small town stores present a more personal touch to our shopping experience. Time will tell, won’t it?

Don Rapske
Lexington, KY