What is it…? 

It’s the Pelican Rapids Press and its managing editor Louis Hoglund.

In the last 15 years, more than 2,000 weekly newspapers have gone out of business. 

There area about 3,100 counties in the U.S., many of them have no weekly newspaper. And many of them once had papers that were in business for over 100 years. 

We are not only talking about small towns. Even a city as large as Tampa, FL has lost its hometown weekly newspaper. 

Most weekly newspapers have a circulation of way less that five to ten thousand. 

You know what that means: no current local news, no Pelican dam news, no school and school board news, no swimming pool news, no sports news, no COVID-19 news, no roundabouts info, no public notices, no obituaries, no inserts…need I say more?

The Pelican paper gathers all this info weekly and gets it to you, the readers. But the paper can’t go around patting itself on the back, saying that they are so great and worthy. That’s not their style. 

Pelican Rapids is so fortunate to have Lou Hoglund at the helm of our paper. If not for him, it may not be here. Lou goes the extra ten miles for the paper to exist. 

He investigates, he writes, he interviews, he goes to meetings, he takes pictures, he even delivers papers. I know him, he works way more than the usual 40-hour week.

So without Lou, Pelican would be a lot less informed about a lot of things. 

In closing, the next time you see Lou, say hello, give him a high five, or buy him a drink, and renew your yearly subscription, or start a new one, run an advertisement, and let’s keep the Press pressing on. 

Tom Haggenmiller,


Editor’s note: We at the Press are truly humbled by this letter to the editor. It is all factual, regarding the challenges facing newspapers. The stuff about the managing editor may be overstated! 

True confessions…the writer, Tom Haggenmiller is a close personal friend—but I promise we didn’t put him up to it. He evidently wrote it after reading the article regarding the Pelican PRIDE award, which was recently presented to Louis  Hoglund. 

Tom’s comments here were totally unsolicited; but I supose I will still owe him a beer.