Youngsters burning a wood tick caused fire 50 years ago

100 years ago
June 13, 1918

• Letter to the Editor of the Pelican Rapids Press
I note that Mr. Worden is a candidate for county commissioner as well as five other men. I wish to say that in my opinion Mr. Worden has made a total failure as a commissioner by his disregard for the interests of the taxpayers. In fact I consider him more unfit for the position than any man who ever was a member of the county board the last 26 years or since I came to this county. I hope the votes in the Pelican district will at least put a taxpayer on the board. Any one of the other five candidates will fill the position far better than Mr. Worden.
Respectfully, Martin Aalberg

• Campaigning Violence
Word was received here yesterday to the effect that a “knock-out” encounter took place in Fergus Falls Tuesday afternoon between nonpartisan members and others opposed to that party. It is stated that Lindberg banners were torn off the cars of the nonpartisans and trouble ensued. The citizens who believe in justice should not stoop so low as to molest the property of another in this way. The members of the nonpartisan league have a perfect right to carry a banner of the candidates they wish to vote for just as well as any other citizen of another party. A few banners were taken from automobiles in this village last week but no trouble resulted as it probably was done by some irresponsible person, presumably some boys. Citizens should be very careful in respecting the rights of others and right now is a good time to keep that fact in mind.

75 years ago
June 17, 1943

Demand for War Supply
There is a big demand for more scrap iron for the war. Now is a good time for farmers to gather up what they have and bring it in. The rate the Allies are raining the bombs on the enemy in Europe and the South Pacific, a ton of scrap for that purpose doesn’t go very far.

• Theatre Fire
Last Friday evening one of the films caught fire while being run at the Park Theatre and caused some trouble to the management. Mr. Priest received severe burns on one hand and he and an assistant were nearly overcome by the fumes. Not much damage was done as the booth is fireproof, and shows were resumed the following night.

50 years ago
June 13, 1968

• Fire Destroys Garage
Fire destroyed a single-car garage at the Jack Grabarkewitz home in the village at mid-afternoon Wednesday. According to a member of the fire department, the Grabarkewitz youngsters were in the garage and were “burning a woodtick.” Mrs. Grabarkewitz was able to get the family car out of the structure before it was engulfed in flames. The two children were frightened, but unhurt.

• Participates in State Golf Meet
Dan Elton participated in the State High School Golf Meet held at the University of Minnesota Golf Course Friday, June 7. Participants play thirty-six holes of golf in one day. Dan shot scores of 79 and 86 on his two eighteen hole rounds for a total score of 165 for 36 holes. This score placed him in the top half of a field of 94 participants in the state meet. Dan was the Medalist in the District 23 golf tournament this year and is captain-elect of the golf team for next season. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Arland Elton.

25 years ago
June 16, 1993

• Pelican Planters at Work
Pelican Planters Garden Club members Vi Julian, Marlys Grabarkewitz and Eileen Buth plant flowers in the planter in front of the Tourist Information Center last week, while Chuck Grabarkewitz and Louis Buth, installed flower boxes along the sides of the building. Pierce Lumber donated the log timbers for the new flower boxes surrounding the building.

• National Honor Society Inductees
Members of the newly revived National Honor Society were inducted in a special ceremony. Present at the program to “bridge the gap” were several members of Pelican’s last active chapter in 1973. Brian and Connie (Knutson) Evenson, and Carla (Seifert) Johnson helped principal Moerke induct the new members. The following students were inducted: Andy Sorum, Jeff McKeever, Stephen Morgan, Trent Hoffe, Brad Erickson, Jeanette Nelson, Teresa Tingelstad, Kerri Lundrigan, Maribeth Suter, Kristina Albright, Mary Sanderson, Stacey Dirks, Erin Ohman, Travis Hagen, Jennifer Grothe, Sean Greeney, Bonnie Woessner, Missy Resset, Veronica Erickson, Jonetta Jenson, Jennifer Bakken and Abby Larson.