By Joe Clauson, president 
Pelican Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce

It is my pleasure to greet you on behalf of the Pelican Rapids area board of Directors of the Chamber of Commerce, and as the new President. At the Pelican Rapids Chamber, we believe that the business community thrives when the whole community is healthy. 

Some exciting things have happened in Pelican Rapids, and there are more exciting things to come for 2023.

We know that good will not come to us by chance, we must choose to build it, and we need to do it together: your voice, ideas, and resources can help make our community a desired and thriving place to live.

We all want to grow our businesses, and we will partner with you to make that happen.

How you might ask? Through relationships, events, and services.

Relationships are connections to everything: information, coaching, business development, finances. The real value is having someone to talk to and share your victories and heartbreaks with, someone who is in your corner and there for you.

Events: We want to provide valuable opportunities for your business, like our annual city-wide events: Pelican Fest, Art in the Park, Minnow Races, Lighted Horse Parade, Friendship Festival, and Oktoberfest, among others. 

This year we are launching: 

Showcase Pelican Rapids,” on March 25, at the High school. This event will provide service businesses an opportunity to promote their companies. If you are a contractor, building trade, mechanic, this event is designed for you.

For more info contact Sandie Strandlien @701-730-2179.

Services: We have seen the need as business owners to grow, where we are gaining new skills and talents, and making our businesses better. We are working to bring skilled business people to provide coaching sessions that will allow us to grow our skills and knowledge.

We are developing a platform for your business ideas and visions on our new Chamber website. You will have a directory listing and the ability to have a link to your website directly from the new Pelican Rapids Chamber of Commerce website.

Our goal is for businesses to connect with each other in our monthly meetings, community events, social media, and our annual banquet. 

You make the difference in our community.

If you have been a member of the chamber, thank you! 

If you are considering joining us for the first time, thank you! 

We appreciate your desire to renew your membership and, as a new member, start this new adventure together.