When I watched the news recently, I saw Mr. Trump use his mug shot as a campaign gimmick.

 Is that kind of making a mockery of Goergia’s legal system?

 Do Mr. Trump and his followers truly believe that they are above the laws of the land?

 The same laws that he once took an oath to uphold and defend?

Innocent until proven guilty—that’s what the law says. The burden of proof is with the prosecution.

You’re entitled to a speedy trial! This whole thing has been dragging on for several years.

 Our country is being mocked in the eyes of the world because they think we are weak and corrupt.

 Our country is in dire need of a strong leader—one whose honesty and integrity can’t be challenged.

 You claim you are innocent! You claim people are going on a witch hunt! 

 Exercise your right to a speedy trial—prove your innocence!

Show me that you are the person we need. Then, ask for my vote.

I voted for you twice! It won’t happen a third time. Why?

You have been accused of all sorts of serious crimes, like trying to get the vice president to overthrow a voting system that’s stood the test of time for over 200 years. He tried to overthrow them.

—Trying to make people do illegal deeds—like storming our seat of government and getting people killed

—And now the state of Georgia is trying to prosecute you under its racketeering laws. And- have you actually threatened people? 

This whole episode is costing our country hundereds of millions of dollars in legal fees—Not to mention what it’s costing your Republican supporters. At the moment, I’m not even sure which party is doing the witch-hunting!

 Our entire country’s integrity is at stake. On Jan 6, people died while trying to protect our capital. By his own statements, Trump encouraged this. Many of these people are now serving lengthy prison terms. Mr. Trump is running for president. 

By his own statements, Mr. Trump tried to get the vice president to nullify the electoral college vote. That’s violating the oath he took to uphold the Constitution.

 He’s made public threats-“If you come after me-I will come after you!” Remember Al Capone?

We have people stating they would support him if he were the elected Republican candidate—Even if convicted?

It seems we have a rather large group of people willing to support him no matter what he says or does. Is he truly above the law?

Dave Damlo
Star Lake