Traveling through Pelican Rapids Friday night, June 22, on my way to the lakes area–on my normal path through the beautiful view of 108–I had some trouble with the boat bearings going out just a few miles east of town.

 I  ended up at Arntson electric and met a man by the name of Richard Arntson who, without hesitation, spent the next few hours and the next morning helping me get back up and running. He called two of his neighbors to come and look at the bearing issue, because we had very little knowledge of what to do or how to fix the problem.

Mike at MGK Welding generously let me take his tap and die and bearing set without a penny out of pocket or an ID. “Just take it and bring it back when you’re done,” said Mike. “I trust you.”

 Ron, over at OK Tire, spent time on the phone–helping me with names and people to call who could help me out. 

Last but not least, Napa Auto parts stayed open long enough to get me the parts and tools to finish the job. 

I have never been so pleased by so many people being so kind.

I needed to write this and say great job, Pelican Rapids.

It is an honor to drive through a town with such great people.

Thanks for the kindness.  

Jeff Olsen, Fargo 

Lakes area seasonal resident