I feel compelled to respond in agreement to the memories of the Evenson siblings about the swimming hole above the dam in the 1950s and 1960s. (Published March 25 in the Press.)

I first noticed the picture of the swimming area which is the way I remembered it in 1961. I applaud the Evensons for the generous contribution to the Pelican swimming pool fund.

I was hired in 1961 to be the lifeguard for the swimming area. To do that, I was required to take a certified lifeguard course. Suzanne Evenson was in that same class in the summer before she started her senior year in high school. I was fortunate to be paired with her when we practiced mouth-to-mouth resuscitation ( kidding!!!!). We had to place a cloth on our mouths and not breathe out too hard. This was before the use of mouth-to-mouth aids. I have to admit that Suzanne was a much better swimmer than I was.

The Emmel siblings also spent much time in the swimming area as well and remember it much the same way the Evensons do. My stint as lifeguard went fairly smoothly and I had to rescue only one small person.

Bruce H. Emmel