100 years ago, September 13, 1923

• Little Gulstad Boy Meets Shocking Death

Chester, the seven-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Gulstad of Dunn township was horribly burned Friday evening when he and a little boy of Haaken Peterson’s were playing. They evidently had started a fire and the Gulstad boy’s clothes caught fire and were completely burned from his body. After he was burned he and his playmate walked to the Peterson home and a physician was hastily summoned from this village but his burns were so severe that his life could not be saved, and he died in the evening at about 10 o’clock.

Mr. Gulstad was in North Dakota at the time working and the mother is reported to be in quite poor health and the bereaved family has the sympathy of the community in their trouble.

75 years ago, September 16, 1948

• Boys Placed on Probation

The three boys – Robert Halbakken, Daryl Bonewell, and Clarence Peterson – who were involved in the accidental shooting of Wallace Wilhelmson on Sept. 4, and their parents appeared before Judge J. N. Haagenson in juvenile court last Friday.

Judge Haagenson placed the three boys on probation with the State Youth Conservation Commission in charge. The rules under which the boys are placed are: They must not use firearms until they are 18 years old; Must attend church at least twice a month; Must not use intoxicating beverages or tobacco; Must be in their homes at 9:30 at night unless attending school functions.

• Letter Received From Hanover, Germany

Honorable Sir: Some time ago my husband was given a work jacket. I found this address in the pocket. We mean at this time to thank you. The jacket was rather small, I had to enlarge it as much as possible, but we were more than happy to receive anything.

My husband has nothing to wear. The Russians and Poles have taken everything. We had some land in Pomerania, but that was taken from us, and after that, we were robbed and also beaten. After six weeks in a concentration camp, we were much undernourished and landed here in Hanover with just a bundle in our hands. We could not buy anything. First, there wasn’t anything to be had, and then we did not have any money anyway.

My husband is a helper in a factory. He is a farmer and not having learned any other work he doesn’t earn very much. Now we can buy things again, but it is so very expensive and we haven’t money to buy. Now once more many thanks, and hearty greetings, from Richard Schlenz & wife.

• Berlin Situation

The situation in Berlin continues to be serious. Recent reports say that Russia is making plans to seize all of Berlin in the near future. As part of that city is under the administration of the Allies, that means trouble ahead. People of the United States might expect to be involved in a war ahead. 

50 years ago, September 13, 1973

• Maplewood Park Dedication 

The general public is invited to attend the dedication ceremony for the Maplewood State Park, according to an announcement made jointly by Rudy Gustafson, President of the Maplewood State Park Association and Don Davison, Director of State Parks in St. Paul. 

‘‘Although Maplewood Park had its beginning in 1961, it has never been formally dedicated,” Gustafson said. “The first land for the park, 385 acres, was purchased by association members in 1961 and donated to the State of Minnesota. The land was accepted by Governor Rolvaag. Maplewood was named a state park by the legislature in 1963. Although the original park included 5,492 acres, additional land was added in 1971 so that now approximately 10,000 acres lie within the park’s boundaries.”

The name was selected because of its location in Maplewood Township in Otter Tail County and because of the large number of hard maple trees which grow there. The date for the dedication ceremony was chosen to coincide with the unveiling of a plaque erected in memory of the late Dr. Norman Baker, a Fergus Falls physician, and conservationist who was especially active in the establishment and development of the park. He served as a director of the park association from its inception until his death last year. 

Maplewood Park is a year around facility, Davison stressed in extending the invitation to the public to attend the dedication ceremony and plaque unveiling. The park offers such activities as picnicking, camping, boating, fishing, hiking, riding, nature studying, skiing, tobogganing, ice fishing, photography, historical study, and just plain relaxing. People attending the dedication are invited to bring a picnic lunch with them and to walk or drive through the park in order to enjoy the beautiful colors and scenery which will be visible throughout the park at that time.

25 years ago, September 9, 1998

• Police Assist in Arrest of Suspect in Attempted Murder

Pelican Rapids police were called to assist in the apprehension of a suspect wanted in a Fergus Falls incident.

Bryan Dean Smith, 34, was arrested at about 8 p.m. last Thursday in a wooded area near the Ye Olde Schoolhouse at Edwards, southeast of Erhard.

Participating in the apprehension of Smith along with Pelican Rapids officers were officers from the sheriff’s department and the Fergus Falls police department.

Smith had been sought on a felony warrant issued at Fergus Falls, charging him with attempted murder. Police allege he broke into the Fergus Falls apartment of a 29-year-old woman, hit her several times, and pushed her through a window. She fell about eight feet, landing on the roof of the adjacent building.

Bail for Smith, who said he has no permanent address, was set at $200,000 without special conditions or $100,000 with conditions.

Smith’s criminal record includes a conviction for second-degree murder for which he received a 12-year sentence in 1986.