On Christmas Eve, this newspaper published a letter from a gentleman extolling Donald Trump as the greatest president the nation has ever seen and surely ever will see (Dec. 24 letter to the editor from Cary Johnson). The primary reason was a tax reduction that put a few more dollars into the writer’s hand. There were other reasons but the tax reduction was the big one. 

He didn’t mention the lies that have made believing the president impossible now. Dishonesty is not important because the writer got a few more dollars. He didn’t mention the children torn from their mother’s arms and sent to locations no one is familiar with, and that’s okay because the writer got a few more dollars from his hero. 

He didn’t mention the white nationalists and the klan and the Nazis who are just as in love with Donald as the writer is, but that’s not important either, because the writer got a few more dollars and the nationalists got to carry their guns wherever they want. He didn’t mention the wall that’s not really being built or the fact that Mexico isn’t paying for it, because the writer got a few more dollars and that’s the important thing. 

He didn’t mention the bungled voting suppression attempt or the mail sorting machines dismantled, because those are small issues now that the writer is getting a few more dollars, and nothing else is important. He didn’t mention the hush-money to a working girl who might have enjoyed being grabbed by that one anatomical part that Donald really, really likes, and that’s okay because the writer is getting a few more dollars, and that’s way more important than a so-called leader who desperately enjoys hurting people who can’t fight back. 

He didn’t even explain how a candidate can receive 7 million fewer votes than another candidate got and still insist that he won. If I get one vote and you get 7 million votes, do I win? But I digress. Voting numbers aren’t important any longer because the writer got a few more dollars from the president, and that’s important. Nothing else. Just the money. 

It’s not the pandemic or how this great, great president walked away from it, calling it a hoax and firing anyone who said otherwise. It’s the money, always. It’s not the lies or the pain we’re all experiencing, or the cruelty being constantly spooned out by the mobster in the tarnished white house. 

 It’s the money. It’s always the money, and if you love the money, you’ll agree with the writer of the Christmas Eve letter, and you’ll agree that anything is okay as long as you get a little more money. Good luck. 

Gene Thompson 

Pelican Rapids