100 years ago, January 18, 1922

• Oak Lodge Sold

Mrs. A. G. Kinney disposed of Oak Lodge on Lake Lida Saturday to Mrs. C. J. Rosenberg and sons H. A. and J. G. Rosenberg, the consideration being $18,000. The new proprietors are strangers here, but one of the sons, H. A. Rosenberg, is operating a restaurant in Fergus Falls.

Oak Lodge, for the past fifteen years, has been one of the most popular resorts in the county. It is four and one-half miles east of Pelican Rapids on Lake Lida and easily accessible. It not only is patronized to a great extent by local people but also by tourists from Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, and other states, and the new management will no doubt maintain its good reputation and extensive patronage.

Mrs. A. G. Kinney left Saturday on a trip to the coastal states, especially California and Washington.

• Buys Chemical Engine

The village council has purchased a chemical outfit for fire protection. The outfit consists of two 40 gallon tanks on a Reo truck, with all the other necessary equipment.

This is a much needed piece of fire protection apparatus.

75 years ago, January 16, 1947

• Raging Storm All Day Tuesday

Monday, the temperature was up to about the freezing point all day, with a southeast wind blowing strong. Towards evening it got warmer, and there was some sleet which turned to snow. Later on, in the evening, there was a shower of rain, and the temperature fell, making a crust of ice on the snow and the streets and walks a glare of ice.

The wind swerved to the south, southwest, and by morning, it blew a gale from the west, and what loose snow there was filled the air, causing a humdinger of a blizzard. The storm raged all day Tuesday but quieted down after sundown. Traffic was at a standstill, and those who tried to travel had a hard time of it as the roads were a sheet of ice, and there were some who were forced into the ditches by the strong wind. The Star Route mailman from Fergus made the trip both morning and evening, but the rural mail carriers were unable to make their trips.

The storm covered the northwest part of the state and the Dakotas, but no casualties have been reported. The local school and many of the schools in the storm area were closed Tuesday.

The electric power lines were out of commission Monday night and Tuesday forenoon for intermittent periods, and many had to search the attic for candles or kerosene lamps Monday night.

At the Pelican Valley Hospital, doctors and nurses worked by the light of kerosene lamps Monday evening to deliver two baby boys, born to Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Halbakken and Mr. and Mrs. Earl Russ.

50 years ago, January 20, 1972

• Strengthening Family Life is Aim of Home Economics Department

Boys in bright aprons kneading bread dough and excited girls preparing for a style show are just two of the scenes you might glimpse if you looked into the PRHS home economics department on a typical school day. As it aims to strengthen the lives of families and individuals, home economics is changing as quickly as other fields. Although the major emphasis is still on foods, clothing, child care, interior design, home management, and family living, classes are becoming more concerned with consumer education because of increased mobility and industrialization.

In consumer education classes, students analyze purchases, keep records of expenditures, develop budgets, and learn criteria for making sound judgments.

The boys’ cooking course is for eleventh and twelfth-grade boys who are interested in learning how to cook and sew. After the boys make chefs’ aprons to wear in the foods lab, they make muffins, cakes, cookies, candy, pies, and casseroles. Most mothers at parent-teacher conferences last November were pleased that their sons were able to make themselves lunch and sew buttons on their shirts. One boy in cooking class said, “It’s a good experience and may help in the near future. Who knows? Maybe you will be doing all the cooking!”

• Steam Threshers Buy Rail Engine

A steam powered railroad locomotive is the latest addition at the Western Minnesota Steam Threshers Reunion at Rollag.

The purchase approved by the board of directors is for a 0-6-0 Soo Line Class B-4 locomotive and tender, which will pull passenger cars over a 12-mile track surrounding the show grounds. An additional 90 acres of land will be acquired through the purchase and lease of land on the east and north sides.

Although the line for the track has been surveyed, it is expected that it will be several years before the railroad will be operational.

25 years ago, January 22, 1997

• School Starts Making Up Snow Days Next Week

As of Friday, Pelican Rapids School District has taken six “snow days” because of winter storms and blizzards.

With only two such days built into the school calendar, the district is forced to have school on days previously designated as vacation days, according to Supt. Keith Klein.

“School is in session Friday, January 31,” said Klein last week. “It looks like we’ll have school on Presidents’ Day, too.”

January 31 had been designated as a teacher comp/workshop day. Elementary teachers were supposed to have had the day off because of parent-teacher conferences on Tuesday and Thursday, and High school teachers were going to have had a workshop.