By Paul Gubrud, Columnist

100 years ago, January 13, 1921

• Pelican Rapids City Band

The band organization held its annual business meeting January 5. The membership at present numbers twenty and they wish to have it grow to a bigger and better organization. A band is a fine thing for the town and community, and should be loyally supported.

Pelican Rapids has had a band for the past twenty-five or thirty years continually. That is more than most cities or villages can show. During the recent world war many of the band boys served in the army bands and did their part well that they were called upon to do. Let us all encourage the musical talent. It takes time and money but the results attained are worthwhile.

• Ice Machine

Carl Erickson has rigged up an ice cutting machine and has been using it to saw ice on the mill pond. He used a Ford car engine which runs the saw and the machine is pushed over the ice by man power. It works very well and can saw a lot of ice in a short time.

• Narrow Escape

A. L. Melby was taken to Dr. Satersmoen’s hospital last week for an operation on his knee cap which was badly shattered. On New Year’s Day. Mr. Melby was doing his chores, when his Guernsey bull came up behind him and tossed him into the air several feet. In landing Mr. Melby came down on one knee, breaking the cap and it is feared it will prove to be a very serious accident

75 years ago, January 10, 1946

• Park Theatre Has Many Fine Improvements

Those who have attended the Park Theatre since it has been remodeled and redecorated have many complementary remarks over the decided improvements that have been made. The front entrances have been altered, making it more attractive, and the modernistic lighting effects and other improvements on the interior of the building are fine indeed.

Authors note: The Park Theater building later became home to the Pelican Rapids Fire Department prior to building the new Fire Hall.

• The Ice Harvest is Completed Here

Theo. Ostrus has been busy the past few weeks putting up ice and his enlarged ice house is now full to the brim. The ice is of excellent quality and should keep during the summer season in fine shape.

Mr. Ostrus stated that one thousand tons of ice has been put up which should be sufficient to supply the demands. Some previous years the supply has not held out. 

• Welcome Back… Men Receiving Discharge From Army and Navy

Carl Larson, son of John A. Larson has been discharged and is here visiting. He was in service for fourteen months in New Guinea, Okinawa, and other Pacific islands and was there when the disastrous typhoon struck.

• Gamble Store Sold

C.M. Lee, who has owned and operated the Gamble Store since May 1935, has sold the business to Harold Carlson and Arnold Amundson and they took possession Monday.

Mr. Lee has been operating the store at Crystal-Lida beach which he purchased a couple of years ago, and now expects to devote all his time there.

50 years ago, January 14, 1971

• Police Arrest Snowmobilers

Village police have arrested several snowmobilers recently, including four juveniles from the Sabin-Moorhead area. 

On Saturday night, a village patrolman arrested three 16-year-old boys and a 17-year-old operating snowmobiles on Broadway. The youths had driven their snowmobiles here from the Moorhead area and planned to spend the night at a motel. 

Parents were called and asked to haul the machines home, police said. The youths will face juvenile court proceedings.

25 years ago, January 10, 1996

• Call to the Ministry a 30-year Process for Good Sam Administrator (by Julie Tunheim)

For 30 years Greg Hayek has felt the call to the ministry and now at age 47 he’s finally responding. On January 15, Hayek will be entering the Lutheran Brethren Seminary in Fergus Falls. Hayek says he realizes entering a three-year program at his age may seem like a midlife crisis, he says, “It’s like I’ve always known it was going to happen.”

• Pelican’s VFW Post 5252 Observes 50th anniversary

The Golden Anniversary of Post 5252 celebration, postponed by the blizzard of December 8, was held Friday, January 5 at the post home.

Post commander David Dutcher gave the major portion of the success to those men honored, the veterans of World War II who are Charter Members of the Post. Fifty-year pins were awarded to those vets present by Post Senior Vice Commander Earl Mickelson and Quartermaster Orville Ritchie.

• Wrestlers Earn Second in 9-team Tournament

Sophomore Jake Wiese and senior Steve Swanson led Pelican Rapids to its best finish in eight years Friday at the Lake Park-Audubon wrestling tournament in Lake Park.

Pelican Rapids finished second behind powerhouse Menahga-Sebeka, just edging Fosston-Bagley for the runner up trophy. Wiese and Swanson took home championship medals.