Clothes line heists make news in 1995

by Brenda Brand, Columnist

100 years ago   September 2, 1920

• Pelican Rapids Given Musical Treat

Large Audience Completely Mystified by Re-creations from an Edison Phonograph

Never before, and possibly not for years to come, will the people of Pelican Rapids be given the opportunity to hear and see such famous artists as appeared here last Friday afternoon and evening.

The occasion for this splendid recital was a Tone Test given by Mr. O. Sanstad in which Miss Amy Ellerman, contralto, and Miss Vera Barstow, violinist, assisted by Mr. Calvin Coxe, tenor, appeared in person to prove the merits of the wonderful Edison Phonograph.

The ability of the Edison Phonograph completely mystified the intent listeners on several occasions when either Miss Ellerman or Miss Barstow gave selections with the phonograph and purposely let the Edison invention produce the music. At times during the selections, while the artist personally became silent, by watching the movement of the lips of the singer or the action of the violinist, only could the audience tell whether the artist or the phonograph was producing the beautiful music, but no difference could be distinguished in the sound. 

The recitals surely was a rare treat to this community and although few will have the opportunity of seeing these artists again, music lovers, who attended the performance, now realize it is everyone’s privilege to hear the best music in their own homes by owning a new Edison, “The Phonograph with a Soul.”

75 years ago   August 30, 1945

• Rather Tough Characters

The three boys who had stolen a Plymouth car at Duluth and wrecked it north of town last week, had none too good records. Two of them had been in reform schools and one was on parole. The youngest was only 14 years old.

The boys, before coming here, had robbed a filling station. While in the jail here they evidently tried to escape and bent one of the inch-thick iron bars expecting to make an avenue of escape.

The authorities from Duluth came and took them back there to ”face the music.”

• Seriously Injured

Last Thursday afternoon at about four o’clock, Victor Johnson was very severely injured. He was hauling bundles for a threshing rig south of town and his team started to run away. He was on the ground and was able to get hold of only one of the reins and pulling on that caused the team to turn, tipping the wagon over on him. Both the front and rear wheels ran over his body and the load tipped over on him.

Deep gashes were cut in his hip and on his legs, clear to the bone. He was taken to the St. Luke’s hospital in Fergus Falls where his injuries were dressed. Miraculously an X-ray showed no bones broken and there were no internal injuries. He is doing well now and is expected home this week, but he will be laid up for quite a spell.

50 years ago   September 3, 1970

• Band Travels to State Fair

The Pelican Rapids High School Band leaves Saturday to perform at the Minnesota State Fair in St. Paul.

The band will stay at the Curtis Hotel on Saturday evening and will proceed to the fairgrounds on Sunday morning. A small chorus selected from band members will sing a short concert at 11:00 am in the education building and the band will follow with a noon concert.

Later in the day, the band will perform before the evening grandstand show.

Accompanying the band are Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Femling, Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus Trygstad, Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Hanson and Mr. and Mrs. John Couture.

• Keeping Kids Busy

Problems with youngsters and teenagers? There can be. But you provide them with something to do and you have solved the problem. Of course, if you start out with a good bunch of kids, they will probably find ways that occupy their time, so that no bad effects result.

There has been a project along the east shore of Lake Lida the past two or three summers that has provided a bit of variety to vacationing youngsters many leisure hours. These kids have added softball games to the usual swimming, fishing, skiing, and the like.

It takes a little bit of doing and somebody to do it. Douglas Lindberg of Rothsay, and an East Lake Lida summer resident, took on the responsibility and not only the Lindberg youngsters, but literally dozens of other young people along the lake have enjoyed getting together in the evening for “the ball game”. Doug had the area bulldozed and leveled, set up a backstop, benches, scoreboard, bases and took over the important positions of manager, umpire, pitcher, arbitrator and first-aider, when necessary. You know, it takes someone with talent to accomplish this sort of “overseeing job” without seeming “too bossy”. Doug is that guy.

The season is over, unfortunately, but the boys and girls will remember “the ball game” as they return to their homes and their studies. They showed their appreciation of their “boss” and his efforts by presenting him with an appropriate trophy recently as the season was ending. Very thoughtful kids. You do appreciate the guy, don’t you?

25 years ago   August 30, 1995

• Clothes Stolen From Clothes Line

Theft has taken a new direction in Pelican Rapids: now clothes, even bedding, is being stolen right off clothes lines.

According to a police report, a resident in the northwest part of town reported that children’s clothing, sheets, and towels were taken from a clothes line last week. Also missing from the back yard were two garden hoses.

Police are investigating a series of thefts in the past few days. A quantity of gasoline, about 100 gallons was stolen from Don Schroeder Construction, just north of town. CB radios, a radar detector, pager, scanner, cassette tapes and other items were taken from the cabs of trucks at G.N. Evenson Inc. on South Broadway. Cars parked at Mill Pond View Apartments were broken into, and attempts were made to “hot wire” one of the vehicles. A car belonging to Julie Donaldson was stolen from in front of the NAPA store and recovered later by police at Fergus Falls.

• State Fair Bound

Pelican 4-H Club is going to the Minnesota State Fair with its musical group. Members include: Greta Johnson, Sunny Bell, Brittany Trosvik, Amy Januszewski, Angi Januszewski, Trevor Bakken, Lucas Westby, Adam Johnson, Tyler Scott, Jesse Soberg, Katie Westby, Anna Soberg, Carly Johnson, Falon Scott, Holly Bell, Richard Carlson, Trenton Michels, Robbie Strand, Tayler Michels, Jamie Bell, Travis Michels, Eric Januszewski and Jacob Johnson.