By Brenda Brand, Columnist

For the first time, women voted in 1920—and already they were ‘lobbied’ to vote YES to road improvement ammendment

100 years ago October 14, 1920

• To Women Voters!

The women of Minnesota will hold the balance of power in determining the state’s political complexion on all questions and candidates at the coming election. It is in their power in all probability, to say whether Preus, Hodgson or Shipstead will be our next Governor. It is for them to decide whether Minnesota will go for Harding or Cox. But, most of all it is in their power to determine whether Amendment No.1 shall be passed and give Minnesota the greatest road system in the country or whether it shall go by default and thus deprive the state of the benefits of the most progressive program ever undertaken in its behalf.

Their control over good roads is peculiarly vital in this respect. If a woman fails to vote for one of the candidates for any office, she will at least not be casting a vote against that candidate. But if she fails to vote for the good roads amendment, she will be voting against it! The reason for this, as informed persons already know, is that the amendment, to be approved, must receive a majority of all the votes cast in the election.

What a mistake if any man who wants a good roads system at a minimum of cost and delay should fail to instruct the women voters of his family to cast their votes for, and not against, Amendment No.1!

75 years ago October 11, 1945

• Service Men Return Home

The service men are receiving their honorable discharge and arriving home to take up civilian duties again. Among those who have come home the past few days are: Robert Frazee, Harold Rieman, Lauritz Mathiason, Clifford Togstad, Gerhard Huseby, Raymond L. Johnson, Cecil Ophus, Earl M. Hagen, Ordean Festajd, and Alvin Anderson, all from Pelican Rapids; Clifford and Orrin Peterson from Rothsay; Eugene Swenson, August Weiss and Helmer Larson of Erhard.

50 years ago October 15, 1970

• Homecoming Queen Crowned

Miss Ann Weiss was crowned queen of homecoming at PRHS on Friday to reign over a cold parade and a football game played in a snowstorm. Miss Weiss, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. August Weiss of Erhard was chosen by a vote of high school students. Her attendants were Ellen Wilcox, and Leslie Hauger. Attendants from the senior class were Chuck Evenson, Mike Nettestad, Edward Anderson and Kermit Johnson. Michelle Volker, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ron Miller and Danny Cummings, son of Mr. and Mrs. Mike Cummings were the junior attendants.

• Bids to be Opened for Well at Historic Site

Bids will be opened Friday at the Highway Department building in St. Paul for construction and development of a water supply well at the “Minnesota Man” (later found to be Minnesota Woman) rest area located about two miles north of Pelican Rapids on Highway 59.

Work will not begin at the site until next spring.

The well bid is one of 23 construction projects costing an estimated $9,800,000 on which bids will be opened this week, Commissioner of Highways, N.T. Waldor reported.

25 years ago October 11, 1995

• Assault Charges Pending After Weekend Incidents

Police were called three times over the weekend to break up fights and some of those involved will probably be facing assault charges.

Information has been turned over to the county attorney’s office for possible charges.

The fights occurred Friday night and Saturday at the Hillside Apartments, located along Golf Course Road near Highway 59 north.

In a related incident, a juvenile attempted to break into a mobile home owned by Gary Haga.

In other incidents being investigated by police, a pop machine near the parking lot at Rick’s Super Value was tipped over at about noon Thursday when someone involved in a scuffle was pushed into it. Police have not received an estimate of the damage.

Earlier in the week, another scuffle involving juveniles was reported at the Galaxy Motors lot across the street from the high school.

Also reported was a drive-off at Cash n’ Dash on North Broadway. The unidentified driver pumped $40 worth of gasoline and drove off without paying.

• Rothsay Homecoming 

Candidates for Homecoming queen at Rothsay High School are Julie Simmer, Karen Danielson and Heather Moen. King candidates are Eric Larson, Matt Amundson and Brian Opsahl. Coronation ceremonies will be conducted at 2 pm Friday in the high school gym, with a parade through downtown at the conclusion. The homecoming game Friday evening at Barnesville has the Agassiz Valley Thunder (Barnesville & Rothsay team) meeting the Mahnomen Indians

• Close Call

Richard and Bev Ouren, who live west of Erhard, nearly had a cement truck in their house last Tuesday. The Ourens were pouring a slab in front of their garage when the truck from Pelican Ready Mix sank into the ground, burying the tires where the cover of an old septic tank collapsed. Ouren Brothers Construction and neighbors assisted using large tractors to stabilize the truck while the crew got the cement poured.