By Paul Gubrud, Columnist

It was a tense ballgame in Pelican Rapids 100 years ago, as Frazee quits game in 8th inning over clash with umpire—at 1-1 tie

The Frazee ball team forfeited a game In Pelican in July, 1921— as the players quit at the end of the eighth inning. The game was very close all a long, and at the end of the eighth inning, the score was one to one.

The Frazee players then took exception to the rulings of the Umpire Zumwinkle and, after considerable talk, laid down their bats and quit.

According to baseball rules, when one side quits before the game is finished, it forfeits the game to the other side and makes the score 9 to 0.

 Not only that, but the visiting team had to pay its own expense, which in this case, we are told, amounted to $35.

100 years ago, July 14, 1921

• County Sunday School Picnic

There will be a big social picnic by all the Sunday Schools in Otter Tail County at Pleasure Park on Wednesday, July 20th, all day.

A short program will be given, with several state speakers coming, with vocal and instrumental music by local players, and a big basket dinner at noon.

Boating, swimming, and water sports with competing teams from different Sunday Schools or districts in baseball, races, etc., will afford amusement. Every Sunday school in the county is invited.

75 years ago, July 18, 1946

• Junior Legion has Baseball Tournament

The American Legion Junior baseball tournament, which was played here Monday and Tuesday, created a lot of interest among baseball fans. It was a fine exhibition of the great national sport as all the players entered into the contest with vim and vigor. Many an adult team could not show a better spirit or better playing.

The first game Monday at noon was between Perham and Pelican Rapids, which resulted in a score of 26 to 6 for the home team, which literally ran rings around the visitors.

• Circus to Show Here Tuesday, July 23rd

The largest menagerie carried by any show in America is to be seen with the C.R. Montgomery Wild Animal Circus, which comes to Pelican Rapids Tuesday, July 23. 

Parents find the C.R. Montgomery Circus particularly worthwhile for children because of the complete absence from its premises any gambling games or undesirable exhibitions sometimes associated with itinerant amusement enterprises. Ample time is afforded to leisurely inspect the huge traveling zoo prior to the regular circus performance. In one hour, more can be learned than gleaned from weeks or perhaps months of study in books.

Two complete performances will be given at 1 p.m. and 7 p.m. 

50 years ago, July 15, 1971

• Community to Honor Dr. Korda

The community will express its gratitude for 25 years of medical care with a dinner and open house in honor of Dr. Henry A. Korda on Saturday and Sunday.

Dr. Korda began his medical practice here in September 1946, following three years as an Army surgeon and ten months of private practice at St. Cloud. His associate was Dr. Howard Kaliher.

In recalling the first weeks of his practice here, Dr. Korda remembers that it took a little while for area citizens to fully accept the new physicians, both of whom were strangers to the community.

Two other doctors were nearing the end of their practice; Dr. Theodore Satersmoen and Dr. Peter Boysen. Doctors Korda and Kalier bought the hospital operated by the latter, taking over its operation on January 1, 1947.

A lot of things have happened over the past 25 years, but the most memorable occasion, Dr. Korda says, was the dedication of a new hospital, the Pelican Valley Health Center, on September 1, 1951.

• Cormorant Lutheran Church 100 Years Old

Anniversary services commemorating the 100th year of the Cormorant Lutheran Church are scheduled to begin July 21 and continue to July 25th. The church is located about 2 miles northwest of Cormorant on Becker County Road No. 4.

Editor’s note on Cormorant, North 

Immanuel churches 150th

This summer, 2021, two of the rurald lakes area’s earliest churches will be observing 150th birthdays.  Cormorant ‘s big weekend is July 23-25.  Schedule will be: 

Friday July 23rd 5 p.m.

Gathering and remembrance at the 1871 organizational site on the Mary Erickson farm followed by a dinner served at Cormorant Lutheran. 

Saturday July 24th 3 p.m. 

History memory sharing, Pie and ice cream social, kids choir sings

Sunday July 25th 10:30 a.m. 

One service outside with Bishop Bill Tesch preaching

Senior choir sings, Dinner served after the service. 

Meanwhile, North Immanuel Lutheran will observe its 150th on August 8 on the church grounds, including music by the Granders. More details pending. 

25 years ago, July 10, 1996

• Ugly Truck Contest Arrives Again in Pelican Rapids

Ardean Anderson of Detroit Lakes has a good case of “ugly truck fever,” thanks to his first-place entry in the ninth annual Ugly Truck Contest here Saturday.

Anderson, who’s 1960 GMC was declared the ugliest of the ugly trucks in this year’s contest, says he paid $25 for it in 1978. However, it was parked in a grove of trees on a farm for years before he towed it home last August.

“I sold the motor in 1982,” he said, “so I added in another and a tranny.”

Other than that, he says, “It’s just like when it came out of the woods.”

• Plan to Attend the Annual Turkey Festival July 19 & 20

Two big days of activities are planned for Friday and Saturday, July 19 and 20, at the annual Pelican Rapids Turkey Festival.

Splash for Cash at the Sherin Park swimming pool is always a popular feature for children. It’s the first event Friday, getting underway at 2.

Newfangled “turkey” races begin at 7 Friday evening on West Mill Street. A new wrinkle this year will find human “turkey” teams of three racing old furniture or appliances converted into turkey racers.

The real birds have been retired to the farm this year, according to Chamber of Commerce members in charge of the races.