By Paul Gubrud, Columnist

100 years ago, February 17, 1921

• New Furniture and Undertaking Establishment

It is understood Pelican Rapids is to have a new furniture store and undertaking establishment in the near future. Olson & Grina of Underwood are to be the proprietors and they are to open up for business in the Ole Maland building on south Broadway.

• Poverty Social

Come to the Poverty Social given by the Ladies of the Congregational Missionary Society at the Orpheum, Friday evening, Feb. 18.

Lose your dignity and wear your old clothes – if you haven’t any, borrow some. Fine togs, jewelry etc. are taboo. Those sporting such things will be penalized in purse. Program after supper, and music by the Pelican Rapids Juvenile Band.

75 years ago, February 14, 1946

• Creamery Has Fine Day For Annual Meeting

Tuesday, Feb. 12, was Lincoln’s birthday, and also another important event. It was the Farmers’ Cooperative Creamery Co.’s 34th annual meeting which was held at the high school auditorium. The day was clear and bright and there was a large attendance. The fact that about 6 inches of light snow had fallen Monday night perhaps kept some away.

The main speaker was Dr. Fred Kohler, associate professor of the St. Paul University farm. He had his subject well in hand and his subject was “The 1946 Dairy Outlook”. His talk was very interesting and informative and he expressed the opinion that the dairy industry will not suffer the postwar reverses that some other industries will experience.

• No Man’s Land School Carnival

Many of the Pelican Rapids serviceman have brought back souvenirs from different parts of the world. Some of these souvenirs have had private showings in family circles, but there will be a chance for everyone who attends the high school carnival, March 4, to see the first collection of World War II relics to be shown in Pelican Rapids. 

Be sure to visit “No Man’s Land” where you will find a valuable collection of these wartime mementos.

50 years ago, February 18, 1971

• Plummer Man Wins 5 Races

A Plummer, Minnesota man finished first in five races in second in another to become the big winner in snowmobile races conducted at Hallaway Hill on Sunday afternoon.

Sherwood Anderson, Pelican Rapids snowmobile dealer drove his Polaris to a first place when in the 441 and 650cc modified division, edging Jerry Siminson of Fergus falls on another Polaris.

• Homemaker of Tomorrow Named

Carol J. Johnson, daughter of Mrs. Rodney Johnson, has been named 1971 Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow for Pelican Rapids High School. She was chosen on the basis of her score in a written examination for which senior girls throughout the country were enrolled. She will receive a specially designed award, and her selection makes her eligible for state and national honors, including one of 102 college scholarships totaling hundred and $110,000.

25 years ago, February 14, 1996

• Highways Closed During Height of Saturday’s Storm

Motorists attempting to drive north from Pelican Rapids were turned back Saturday afternoon when both Highway 59 and County Road 9 were closed. A Minnesota Highway Patrol officer, Peter Gibson, reportedly ordered the roads closed at about 1:30 PM when the high winds and blowing snow reduced visibility to zero.

According to local police reports, Gibson was on Highway 59 when he came upon a car stuck in a snow bank near the Pelican River bridge at the south and of Prairie Lake. He rescued the family, including a child, but then his vehicle became stuck also.

Gibson’s patrol car was pulled free by a motorist with a pickup truck, but then another car came along and hit the truck. Apparently deciding enough was enough, the officer made it into Pelican Rapids and told local police to turn back motorists attempting to drive out of town to the north.

It was the first time that local highways were ordered closed during a storm at least that could be recalled.

• Arne Rapids for a Day (posted on city limit signs)

Even though Governor Arne Carlson did not show up, Pelican Rapids became Arne Rapids on Friday. Gov. Carlson participated in the Governor’s Snowmobile Ride from Detroit Lakes to Vergas, but opted to leave the trail to return to the Twin Cities for an afternoon press conference. Despite disappointment in not hosting the governor at the noon luncheon at the Pelican Supper Club, the trail ride was a success, according to Lake Region Trail Runners members Gary Dillon and Skip Treinen, who helped coordinate the event. Nearly 300 snowmobilers participated in the ride.

• Kids Learn “Hands-on” by Building a Garage at School 

Pelican Rapids High School construction class students didn’t do much work in the classroom this fall. The juniors and seniors made up for it outside, building a two-stall garage for the school district. “It was pretty much all hands-on learning; no book stuff,” said teacher Brian Bordwell.

Working the entire fall semester, the crew of 16 boys spent about 30 to 40 minutes a day on the project. The crew did everything but pour the concrete slab and install the wiring. Everything else – siding, shingles, doors, soffits – was done by the students and their teacher. Trevor Steeves, maintenance engineer, also helped.