By Brenda Brand, Columnist

75 years ago October 18, 1945

• Much Discussion Relative to Atomic Bomb Discovery
Many of our government men and other officials think the United States, Canada, and Great Britain should guard the secret so jealously that the other nations cannot resort to the use of this destructive power should they so desire.
It seems futile to try to keep the secret from the rest of the world since all scientists must now pretty well know that method to some extent at least, and an invention that has been perfected can more easily be duplicated the second time.
It is our opinion that the secret might as well be divulged and then endeavor to get all nations to outlaw its use as was done in regard to poison gas.
If this world is going to last, the good neighbor spirit must be developed and it can’t be developed by mistrusting one another. If we or any other country goes around with a chip on our shoulder looking for trouble, we’ll surely find it.
If the atomic bomb will be used in the future to annihilate an enemy there will be chaos and the end of civilization.

• New Ownership of Maple Beach Resort
Last week a transaction of interest took place when Maple Beach Resort of Lake Lida was sold to Mr. and Mrs. Richard Craig, formerly of Fergus Falls but in recent years having been residents of Seattle, Wash.
The resort was established thirty years ago by Mr. and Mrs. Carl Pearson who operated it until their death some over a year ago. This past season Miss Alma Pearson and brother, Elmer Pearson, operated the place.
Mr. and Mrs. Craig and son have taken possession and will make it their permanent residence.
The resort has had fine patronage and is nicely located. It is hoped the new proprietors will have fine success and enjoy their permanent residence here.

50 years ago October 22, 1970

• Driver Not Charged in Fatal Accident
No charges have been filed against the driver of a car that struck and fatally injured a pedestrian here last week. The victim of the accident was Clifford S. Stoebe, 63, who died later the same day in a Fargo hospital.
Police Chief Merlin Rieman said that Stoebe was walking on the right side of the street when the accident occurred at about 7:00 a.m. last Wednesday morning. Driver of the car was Douglas Wayne Modine, 18, of Pelican Rapids.
Rieman said that Modine had cleared his car’s windshield of frost, but that the window had fogged over again, restricting his visibility. As of Wednesday morning this week, no charges had been filed against Modine, but Rieman said the matter was still under study by the police and sheriff’s department.
The pedestrian fatality was the first in Pelican Rapids in 25 years, Rieman said.
Different times: Liquor Store “Off Limits” to Mexican-American turkey plant workers, after concerns of underage drinking in 1970
Justice of the Peace, Roland Huseby has declared the municipal liquor store “off limits” to Mexican-American workers at West Central Turkeys after numerous complaints about beer being supplied to minors.
In a case heard in Justice Court Tuesday evening, two of the Mexican-American workers entered not guilty pleas to charges of procuring and providing beer for minors. Charges against two Hispanic suspects were dismissed by Huseby after an apparent mix-up in identifications.
Three minors involved in the matter were given the opportunity to identify the two, but there was no agreement.
Huseby stated in the court record that either one of the suspectswas guilty, but since it could not be determined which one, he was dismissing the charges.
Huseby stated in the record, however, that none of the Mexican-American workers would be allowed to purchase beer or liquor in the Pelican Rapids municipal off-sale liquor store until the guilty party appears.

25 years ago October 18, 1995

• School to Sell Site for Proposed Community Center
Pelican Rapids School Board passed a motion last Monday evening indicating its intention to sell the land site for the proposed community center.
The agreement, which hinges on the Pelican Rapids Area Community Center committee’s ability to raise funds for construction of the center and its maintenance, was passed on a 4-1 vote with community center board member Don Perrin abstaining and Ben Woessner voting against it.
Earlier, Woessner had made a motion to table the issue until November to see what the progress of the proposed community center would be at that time. The motion died for lack of a second.
The site, bordering the outfield of the school’s baseball diamond and Highway 59, is currently used by the district for parking at football games and track meets and by residents during the annual Fourth of July fireworks display.
“There are certain times when all the parking is used,” said Superintendent Keith Klein before the vote. “That’s the downside that I see.”
Board member Dianne Kimm commented, “I think we indicated we don’t want to stand in their way.”
“We should make the property available to them,” added board chairman Mike Boen.

• Junior High Boys Race in Hawley
Pelican Rapids junior high boys competed in the HOL cross country meet Thursday in Hawley.
Placing eighth as a team, the Vikes were led by Jon Peter in 13th place with a time of 13:43.
Additional runners were: Jarod Brosowske, 24th, 15:14; Seth Hayek, 25th, 15:27; Shawn Hanson, 30th, 15:52; and Nick Ebersviller, 32nd, 16:18.

The 1920 Equivalent of 2020s Facebook—as published 100 years ago in the Pelican Rapids Press
Mrs. B.M. Rude of Madoc Montana is here visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ole Tollerud.
Lost a five gallon gas can in southeast part of town. Finder, please leave at Press Office
Wm. Burke, of Cass Lake, is here visiting old friends east of town.
Mrs. Peter Peterson and daughter were visitors in Fergus on Saturday.
Harry Thompson had an operation at Dr. Boysen’s Hospital last week.
Mrs. Richard Drayton of Moorhead came Monday to visit friends and relatives.
I will be in Pelican Rapids next Monday and Tuesday, Oct. 25 and 26, to remove corns and treat all surface sores. B.J. Lightfoot
O.A.E. Blyberg left Tuesday for Shakopee to take treatments at the mud baths
The League of Women Voters will have a voting demonstration in the school house on Saturday Oct. 30 at three o’clock
Inga and Merinda Dunham had their tonsils and adenoids removed at Dr. Boysen’s Hospital last week.