1920 was historic year for women in Pelican area

By Brenda Brand, Columnist

100 years ago    July 22, 1920

• School Election

The school election Saturday night drew out a large vote there being 110 votes cast. Mrs. W.K. Frazee and G.H. Frazee were elected to the office for the three year term and O. Sanstad for one year. Mr. Langlie succeeds himself and the other two are new members. This is the first time in the history of the school that a woman has been a member of the school board.

• Free Air

Logan Brothers have installed a free air service along the street by the bandstand. It is arranged so two autos can be served at the same time and will prove a great convenience to tourists. The public will certainly appreciate the service.

75 years ago    July 19, 1945

• Pansy Grows From Brick Wall

A curious freak of nature, hardly believable, is a well developed pansy plant in bloom growing from the solid brick, was about seven feet from the ground at the rear of the Gamble Store building.

How the seed got lodged there and where the plant gets its nourishment is hard to figure out, but there it is. If you question the truth of this story go and see it for yourself.

• Rationing of Butter and Meat

Starting last Sunday ration points on creamery butter dropped from 24 points to 16. The reason given for the reduction was that the military requirements will be ten million pounds less in August. 

Now if something can be done to increase the supply of meat the people of this section would be happy to see more of it. 

It seems hardly fair to have to be deprived of meat when the country around here has an abundance of hogs and cattle. Truckloads are shipped out every week but practically none of it comes back for home consumption.

50 years ago    July 23, 1970

• Firemen have busy week

Three fire calls in three days have kept volunteer firemen busy this week.

The first call came Sunday afternoon when a U.S. Army bus traveling north on County Road 9 caught fire. The bus stopped about three miles north of the village, and firemen doused a blaze in the engine compartment at the rear of the vehicle.

Personnel on the bus had a several hour wait while other arrangements for transportation were completed.

At about 6:00 pm Monday, the volunteers were called to the Gail Heusser farm southwest of the village where fire destroyed an old unused barn. A trash fire apparently spread to the empty barn, setting it ablaze. With the fire in an advanced stage, firemen stood by controlling the flames as the structure burned to the ground.

Serious damage was averted Tuesday night at about 10:30 when a gasoline pump caught fire at Loghaven Resort on Lake Lida. The pump, located behind the store building and used for boats, was destroyed by fire, but nearby buildings were not damaged.

Fire Chief Rex Crews said that an overheated motor probably caused the fire and that a gasoline shut-off averted more serious damage.

25 years ago    July 19, 1995

• Tractor accident injures Erhard man

An Erhard man was hospitalized Thursday following an accident on his farm.

Howard Motz was working on a farm tractor and when he reached over to start it, the tractor was in gear and the rear wheel passed over his mid-section.

The tractor traveled a short distance before running into a building, where it stopped. Motz was found a short time later and taken by ambulance to Lake Region Hospital in Fergus Falls.

Motz reportedly suffered a broken pelvis, internal injuries, and lacerations on his arms.

In another accident late Thursday afternoon, a Pelican Rapids woman escaped serious injury when her van flipped end over end.

Kathy Arntson was northbound on Highway 59, about a mile north of Erhard. The van struck an approach, flipped end for end, landing on its top, and then back on its wheels.

• Loud music brings complaint

A teen dance held in conjunction with the Turkey Days celebration resulted in a complaint to the police department.

Police reported that a caller complained music being played for an outdoor dance at Viking Elementary School was too loud.

On Saturday night, a couple of people were involved in an altercation at the street dance downtown, police said. After the dance, about a half dozen persons were involved in a fight at Viking Apartments. A window was broken during the disturbance, according to the police report.