For each of the last ten years or so, one of our annual highlights has been our long-weekend fishing trip to Pelican Rapids. Every year our small group of friends gains an appreciation for the community and its people.

Time and time again we have seen that Pelican Rapids’ residents are friendly, helpful, talented, and generous.

Our Father’s Day weekend experiences demonstrated this to a remarkable extent.

When we arrived in Pelican Rapids on Thursday evening, we were thrilled to see that we had the Sherin Park campground all to ourselves! We set up our camper, picked up some groceries from Larry’s, fished until dark, and then returned to the campground to prep for Friday’s fishing excursion. When we awoke to thunderstorms on Friday morning, we went to City Hall to pay our campsite fees. At that time, we were informed that we would have to leave the park because all of the spots were reserved for the weekend’s Minnesota Woman celebration. Oops.

We should have checked ahead of time!

We sought a viable Plan B so we could stay in the community, but our initial search turned up nothing. Out of options, we placed a desperate call to Larry’s Supermarket to see if they might consider letting us set up the camper somewhere in their parking lot.

We spoke to Mark Dokken, who said he’d be happy to let us do that so we didn’t have to leave the community. When we arrived at the store with camper in tow, Mark greeted us and introduced us to his wife, Brittany. She apologized for the mix up at Sherin Park, and then they invited us to set up our camper at their house rather than in the parking lot!

We were amazed at the kindness they showed to two total strangers!

We humbly accepted their offer, setting up our big camper in the lot next to their house. They were wonderful hosts. Mark checked in often to make sure we had everything we needed, asked how the fishing was going, and offered more than enough amenities for a couple of scruffy fishermen like us. We were struck by their genuine care for us, their composure in being inconvenienced, and their selflessness and helpfulness in our time of need.

They are great ambassadors for the Pelican Rapids community!

We want to thank Mark and Brittany Dokken for their generosity and friendship. We are grateful for your help. Thank you for making our trip to Pelican Rapids one of the most memorable ever.

We’ll see you again next year (hopefully under much different circumstances!).

Matt Hull & Mike McBride
Glendive, Montana