Hi Pelican Press! My name is Ato Hashi. I’m 2017 Pelican Rapids  high school  graduate.

 I recently read Anti-American article posted earlier. Pelican Rapids is my hometown no matter what! 

It’s the town I adore, the town that nurtured me and turned me into real American! I came to Pelican March/05/2012. I was welcomed by the community. 

Pelican taught me what bonding together and diversity is all about. Pelican’s strength is diversity. We represent and show our ability of unity in diversity.

As my first language I speak Somali, Swahili and I partially speak Spanish. I love how Pelican Press represents my community! 

Pelican Press’s staff do a great job representing Pelican Rapids and making sure Pelican is authentically known for its strong diverse community!

Àtø Hashi