I am commenting in regards to the column “What would Jesus do at a President Trump rally,” January 15, 2020. 

The man who wrote this article about Jesus being at a Trump rally reminds me of Satan beguiling Eve in the Garden of Eden. He used lies to get her to eat the fruit and then she gave some to Adam and he also ate of it. 

It’s just like the Dems to put ideas that aren’t true into people’s minds. 

When Jesus was on Earth, the Bible says he was meek and lowly, and when he was crucified he opened not his mouth. 

But when he comes the second time he’ll come as Judge to judge what we have done in the flesh. He said repent and believe the Gospel. He came to die to have the sins of the world put on Him on the cross to pay the debt we never could. 

As for the stranger who was taken out of the rally as a foreigner, the USA still has laws that people have to come into this country legally. Why should taxpayers pay the burden of all these people? 

Nancy Dallman

Alexandria, MN